Learn To Live longer

Learn To Live longer

When was your last birthday? Of course, you wished to live longer. That wish can be a reality. How? Just learn to live right. How? Read below

Learn To Live longer








Learn to eat healthy

Always eat a healthy diet of protein, minerals, and vitamins. If you do not get enough vitamins and minerals in your diet, consider taking a multivitamin. Also, watch the amount of calories you consume to avoid gaining excess weight.

Learn to exercise

Technology exists to make our lives easier, but it does not always make us healthier. Daily exercise, however, is a definite bonus to good health. In fact, studies suggest that daily exercise can add up to three years to a life span. Although finding time for structured exercise can prove impossible for many people, the good news is that opportunity for exercise is everywhere – just be creative. Whenever you can, walk to your workplace. You do not even have to walk the whole way. If you take public transit, just get off a few blocks sooner and enjoy a stroll. If you live or work in a high-rise building, just take the stairs. It is really that simple. Of course, you can always exercise longer if you want.

Learn to meditate daily

According to www.ask.com you could meditate for 10 minutes as soon as you wake and before you get showered and dressed. In fact, you can sit on the side of your bed and meditate for 10 minutes each morning. If you start to feel overwhelmed later in the day, sit still for one to two minutes or until you start to feel centred and calm.

Learn to socialise with relatives and friends

Share concerns you have about life events, news stories or local events in your neighbourhood or community with your friends. Doing so can help you gain insight into events that concern you. When you spend time with relatives and friends, you also focus on their conversations, taking your mind off chores, responsibilities, or personal situations that you might otherwise worry about. It is also fun and emotionally rewarding when you are in the company of people you love, and who you know love you in return.

Learn to reduce your stress levels

By getting outdoors and spending time with nature, listening to your favourite music or reading a book you enjoy, you are letting out stress. You can also reduce your stress levels by avoiding overworking. You can even go on a vacation. Additionally, when you have jobs that you love, your stress levels can lower. If you struggle to lower your stress, consider contacting a licensed medical professional and discussing your concerns with that person.

Eat a healthy breakfast

Including breakfast in your daily routine is a great healthy habit for living longer. Over the years, researchers have discovered that those who eat an early-morning meal are less likely to be obese and get diabetes compared to those who do not. Breakfast-eaters also feel better both mentally and physically. Overall, it seems that eating breakfast is a great, healthy way to start your day.

Learn to get enough sleep

Lack of quality sleep can shorten your life. Although it is not entirely clear how many hours of sleep we really need, failing to get at least seven hours of sleep or only sleeping at odd hours appears to heighten the risk of major illnesses including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. However, it is not just a lack of sleep that can be dangerous; a lack of relaxation can leave a lasting mark as well. Know that stress and anxiety are killers, and so, it follows that finding ways to relax each day can be a lifesaver.

Learn to brush and floss daily

This could sound strange but the reality is that poor oral hygiene can lead to nasty gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis. These inflammatory diseases can actually lead to a narrowing of the arteries, a common cause of cardiovascular disease. By simply brushing and flossing daily, you rid your mouth of the bacteria that cause inflammatory gum disease and save your heart a little bit of trouble.

Learn staying hydrated

Why not use water to regulate body temperature? Protect your joints and organs, and to help transport oxygen to cells? Nevertheless, in order for water to keep your bodies in check, make sure that its levels are constantly replenished. The solution is simple: hydrate. Although the common prescription of drinking eight-ounce glasses of water per day has been called a myth, the message is not necessarily a bad one. As long as you hydrate frequently, from various sources, not just water, you are probably in the clear.

Learn to make daily habits count

Many are set in their daily routines. They eat the same meal, wear the same clothes, take the same route to work, and work the same old job.  They fail to recognise the huge impact these daily routines can have on their health. By making just a few small changes here and there — and sticking to them –, you can add a significant number of years to your life.

Learn to acknowledge divine grace

God keeps you alive and helps with a sound health. Merely acknowledging this fact makes you enjoy more. Don’t forget!

Source: Naija.ng

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