How To Avoid Cheating In a Relationship

How To Avoid Cheating In a Relationship

People cheat for numerous reasons. Though some reasons are obvious, while some are not, the ideal way to deal with infidelity is to stop it before it happens.

How To Avoid Cheating In a Relationship

Wondering how to be faithful? These simple, proactive methods, according to, can help.

Communicate with each other

Why people cheat depends on the individuals and the nature of the relationship. It is important that all issues, questions, and concerns be addressed as they happen.

Spice things up

If your sex life has become too much of a routine, talk with each other about mutually favoured ways to make things interesting again. Many times, one person will feel like she/he is the only one unhappy with the status quo, when in fact, he too sees the need for a change. Do not be bashful; get it out in the open and work together to improve.

Pay attention to each other

 In a long-term relationship, things can become so habitual and monotonous that you find that you are merely going through the motions. Make each other feel important; let your partner know that their daily comings and goings matter and you are interested.

Trust each other and stay away from paranoia

The more obsessive and suspicious you are, the more defensive your partner will be. In the end, this can backfire, as lack of trust is corrosive to the relationship. If things deteriorate enough, your significant other may cheat just to spite you.

Put yourself in your partner’s position

If you are harbouring thoughts of cheating, wear your partner’s shoes and think about the pain and hurt you would inflict. If you have children, consider the emotional toll your actions may take on them.

Reassess your ideals, principles, and beliefs

Decide if you want to continue in a relationship built on lies and deceit or nurture a healthy and successful one. If you no longer love your partner, then demonstrate some integrity and respectfully end the relationship so that both of you can move on with your lives.

Communicate more effectively with your partner

Discuss your needs and how they can be met. Learn to confront and deal with your emotions in a more positive and constructive way. Search for alternate solutions when there are issues in the relationship.

Be his/her best friend

The more connections you have, the less likely he/she is to treat you lightly. If you are his/her best friend, you share everything, you have hobbies together, you know everything that is happening at his /her work, and he/she knows everything about your life. If he/she cheats, he/she has more to lose by hurting you. Therefore, he/she is less likely to venture out.

Educate him/her

Sometimes, it is important to identify boundaries. Tell him/her, “I love and respect you, but if you even think of cheating on me, this love and respect can be lost and I can’t help it because loyalty is important to me.” 

Make your relationship (and each other) a priority

Simply make time for it (the relationship) and each other. Even if you have to write it down in a calendar, schedule times and dates to be together and connect or bond or be intimate with each other in every way, on all levels, and in every area possible. Have a weekly date with each other, and make the most out of your days off together. Go out once in awhile and stay in once in a while.

Do not abuse each other in any form

Work towards having a healthy and loving relationship with each other. Have fun together– laugh and smile with one another. Joke around – have a good time. Be upbeat and positive.

Provoke a talk about cheating

Do not be accusatory, defensive, etc. Try to be neutral. Ask your partner how they feel about the relationship and if there is anything they want to try, more time apart, more time together, etc. Gain insight into their views on cheating.


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