Kaduna Bombing: Expose these terrorists, Makinde tells FG

Kaduna Bombing: Expose these terrorists, Makinde tells FG

The Prelate of Methodist Church Nigeria, Sunday Ola Makinde on Monday called on the Federal Government and all relevant security agencies in the country to expose those perpetrating the acts of terror being witnessed in different parts of the country especially in the North.

The clergy, who issued a statement signed by the Media and Public Relations Officer of the Methodist Church Nigeria, Oladapo Daramola, was reacting to the bombing of the Saint Rita’s Catholic Church at Ungwa Yero in Malali, Kaduna North LGA.

The Church was hit by suicide bomber on Sunday which left at least 10 people dead and nearly 150 others injured.

In the statement, the Prelate said “until those behind these series of acts of terror are exposed, there is that possibility that these blood thirsty people will not stop.

“It is surprising that since these acts of terror began, nobody has been arrested and brought to justice. This is more like an endorsement for them to carry on in these evil acts. It is a license to kill. Until those behind these terror plots are brought to justice, we may see more repeats of these kinds of acts.

“The big question however is, how many more innocent people have to die before we declare a full blown and effective war on terror. At least, by now we should know those who we are contending with and what their clear motives are. Is it a declaration of war against Christendom or an attempt to frustrate and make life unbearable for the Government of the day?

“We don’t want to leave room for assumptions which is why the intelligence community and the Government must respond adequately and decisively to this National emergency.”

The Prelate expressed condolences to the Governor of Kaduna, Patrick Yakowa and the people of the State, The Catholic Archbishop of Kaduna Diocese, Matthew Man-Ndagoso and the families of those that died in the unfortunate incident.

He however cautioned against reprisals saying it is not the solution.

“While it is true that nobody has the monopoly of violence, I do not subscribe to or support the call for reprisal attacks. Let us remember that an eye-for- an-eye lives an entire country blind. There is however need for justice. Governments at all levels need to protect Nigerians, especially Christians who are being killed and slaughtered on a daily basis.

“We are in a constitutional democracy and it is only right for elected officials to uphold the constitution to which they swore which demands of them to protect every citizen of this country in whatever part of the country they choose to live in with the freedom to exercise their faith in the light of the provisions of the same constitution.

“It is pathetic however, that we live in a highly intolerant country, especially the Northern part of our country where religious freedom is a mirage. To some of us, tolerance connotes indulgence or indifference. It is important to note that tolerance is the foundation of democracy and human rights. Intolerance in multi-ethnic, multi-religious or multicultural societies leads to violations of human rights, violence, or armed conflict as we are currently witnessing.” 

Source: Naija.ng

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