Kindly Help Me

Kindly Help Me

This is the opinion of one of our readers, Olanrewaju Bill Samuel:


KINDLY HELP ME! I have sleepless nights, I try to force myself to sleep but to no avail. Millions of questions on my mind concerning the bombings in Nigeria, corruption and other related issues! I'm helpless all night because nobody is around to answer just a question out of millions.

All our arms of government are birds of a feather. We are governed by selfish leaders, 'armed robbers', 'rapists' who keep on 'raping' us everyday. There is corruption at the federal, state and local levels.

Who will save my nation? Where is the David who will kill this Goliath? Where is the Moses that will leads us to our promised land? Where is Nigeria's hope? What is the colour of Nigeria future? Golden? Corruption has been around even before independence, who can rid us of it? Who will be our messiah? Can the beautiful one be born?BOMBING? Before 2010, we normally just heard the news of bombings and suicide bombers! Sincerely speaking, then I didn't believe suicide bombing was even real. We used to watch it on CNN, Aljazeera, CCTV and other international TV stations and I personally smypathised with them and prayed for peace to rain. But now, it seems the reverse is the case as they have turned my dear nation to a nation like Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Yemen!

Oh my God! 

My questions are:



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