Widower grieves over murdered pregnant wife

Widower grieves over murdered pregnant wife

One year after his pregnant wife, Ameenat and the baby in her womb died of stab wounds inflicted on her by a suspect identified as Austin Anthony Oboh, the grieving widower Agbogbo Odianosen Christian is lamenting that the Police have not been able to arrest the suspect.

In a heart-rending to his late wife, Agbogbo wondered how the police could have failed so woefully to give them justice.

“A very rear gem, a dear wife, mother, sister, aunt, daughter, grand daughter who touched so many lives with her warmth, her care, always concerned about that person next door.

“My own very Iya Ijebu as I fondly called her, always the optimist, always seeing the good in everyone, Ameenat, you were all these things and even much more, but it’s so unfortunate that you are no longer with us as you were brutally taken from us by someone you considered a friend, a neighbour.

“It’s been a year now since you were murdered by that animal who presented himself as a human being to us -Austin Anthony Oboh, whom the gallant Nigeria Police Force has allowed to continue to roam the streets a free man, while we are left to grieve in pain and agony, asking ourselves: when will we get justice?

He was grateful to God, however, for protecting his little boy from the trauma of watching his mother stabbed to death.

“Now, I’m left in a dilemma, what shall I tell him when he eventually asks me?

“Will I tell him that the police failed to give his dear mother the justice she duly deserved by allowing Austin and all his family members roam the streets free of any guilt, knowing that their hands have being stained not only with the blood of Ameenat but also of the beautiful baby boy she was due to deliver in less than a week?

“Ameenat, for us who you touched so positively with your love, we miss you more than words can ever explain, your son misses you dearly, I will continue to miss you, my first love! My Ameenat!

“My dear wife, it has not been easy without you, but I am consoled every time I see our son, Ehibhen, and he stares at me with those eyes which he got from you.

“ He even still calls me the way you do- ‘Honey’ and each time I hear him call me that, I just know it’s you speaking through him.”

He, however, still pleaded with the police to renew their efforts and ensure a thorough investigation so that the suspected murderer of his wife and unborn son does not escape justice.

Source: Naija.ng

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