We Will Not Watch Boko Haram Finish Us, Says Gurara Forum

We Will Not Watch Boko Haram Finish Us, Says Gurara Forum

The Gurara Forum, a Northern Nigerian Christian forum from Kaduna State, warned today that it will apply all means to protect its members from the menace of Boko Haram, and not watch Boko Haram annihilate them.

It called on people it called “uninformed, mischief makers and hardliners” to desist from pointing fingers at other people when they know the truth and the bombers, and said it will continue to hold the government and merchandisers of death responsible for their illicit actions against Christians.

In a press statement signed by Vincent Bodam, Chancellor and Jerry Adams, Secretary General, Gurara Forum underlined the ongoing annihilation of Christians in Northern Nigeria, and the orchestrated hysteria being peddled by selfish Northerners aimed at jeopardising the reality of Boko Haram’s insurgency and plot against Christians.

“Putting the baseless propaganda aside, the whole world and those following trends in Nigeria know better what Boko Haram stands for, the ideals and principles which they represent and of which they are working assiduously to achieve come what may,” the statement said.

“As our Churches were hit again yesterday in Zaria and Kaduna town, it became glaring that the sect meant what they represent, more so, they have cleared the air and claimed responsibility of the attacks which defied falsehood being advanced by selfish Northerners. Regrettably was the concern of the Speaker House of Representatives, Hon. Aminu Waziri Tambuwal which was largely on reprisal and not the suicide bombing that killed Christians. We will not succumb to photo shops manipulation and outright deviation of facts and reality of all these deliberate attacks against Christians.”

Referring to the recent pattern of bombings of churches on Sunday by suicide bombers, Gurara drew attention to Biblical teachings in which Christians are told to be magnanimous in their dealings with their fellow human beings and to respect the rights of other people, and be slow to anger and revenge, as vengeance is that of God only. Despite all that, it said, the perpetrators of the Satanic slaughtering of Christians have refused to desist or slow down.

“This means there is no remorse or regret from the actions of this evil machination,” Gurara Forum regretted. “The body language of the so-called leaders of the North shows an unfortunate and maniacal mischief going by their lingering efforts of saying the attacks are perpetuated by non-Muslims in contrast to the stand by Boko Haram that has always claimed responsibility. Their actions simply mean tacit support of Boko Haram.”

Noting that the although the government and security operatives claim to be doing their best have failed to end the impudence to an end, it stressed that security is the responsibility of all.

“We therefore observe with total regret that these people who live amongst us cannot be pointed by those who know them,” the statement said. “They thus continue to execute their evil plan of annihilation by bombing and killing in the course of charting their religious cause.”

Source: Naija.ng

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