Flamboyant Prophet Celebrates 24th Birthday For 3 Days, At 3 Venues

Flamboyant Prophet Celebrates 24th Birthday For 3 Days, At 3 Venues

Flamboyant Prophet Celebrates 24th Birthday For 3 Days, At 3 Venues

Looking at stories that have hogged the limelight in recent months, men of the cloth seem to be on a mission to outshine each other.

From having some of the hottest rides in town to throwing the most lavish birthday bashes, their publicity managers must be working round the clock to manage such phenomenal lifestyles. After all, it is no secret that they have the fame, swag and the cash, perks that comes with the job.

Such was the case last week when yet another young but flamboyant self proclaimed prophet made waves in Harare after hosting THREE colourful birthday celebrations AT THREE VENUES and on THREE DIFFERENT DAYS - exactly the P-Diddy style.

The flamboyant youthful prophet and founder of Kingdom Embassy, Prophet Passion Java, who is well known for 'personal prophecies' where he can correctly prophesy one's national ID Number, cell number and other personal information, had the whole of First Street closed last week on Saturday as the man of God celebrated his 24th birthday.

An inside source told Saturday Lifestyle that the first celebration party was a surprise one for the prophet while he was coming from Botswana. On the day he rounded up 110 street kids before treating them to pizza, chicken and a US$1,200 chariot birthday cake.

It is said that the party then moved to a hotel and according to the source, he was joined in the celebrations by big shot Prophets Uebert Angel and wife from the Spirit Embassy, Tabernacles of Grace Ministries leader Apostle Batsirai Java (who is Prophet Passion Java's brother) and flamboyant Nigerian 'Oga' Chief Okeke.

"This time around, the A-listers who dined at the hotel were also treated to an even bigger cake that had the face of Prophet Passion which was said to be worth US$10,000," revealed the source. Reports claim that proceeds from the 3 parties were distributed to street kids including US$5,000 that he was showered with by his friends and confidantes, it is alleged.

"His wife Prophetess Yasmen has been running a foundation for the underprivileged called Heart in Service (HIS) where she forwarded all the money given to Prophet Passion," said the source. The third and final (so far) was an intimate ceremony for various church leaders at the young couple's base in Borrowdale Brooke.

This is the second time Prophet Passion has grabbed headlines this year. In June, the man of God grabbed headlines after being accused of cohabiting with Yasmen. Prophetess Yasmen's grandmother, Kulsum Rahman, who has been her legal guardian said she was shocked to read about her granddaughter being referred to as 'PROPHETESS' in the newspapers and posters splashed on the streets.

"I was shocked to hear people telling me that my granddaughter was now married to a prominent prophet and yet she NEVER told me. We are Moslems and we need to be consulted. I raised her and for the past twenty-two years she was a devoted Muslin. All she knew was the Koran NOT the Bible, so for her to be MARRIED to a Christian prophet is hard to believe,"

Prophetess Yasmen's mother only identified as Fatima CONFIRMED that her daughter was COHABITING with Prophet Passion but she refused to shed more light on the accusations. However, through his personal assistant, Israel Matthew, Prophet Passion refuted the allegations.

"Such allegations are unfounded and unfortunate because prophet Passion in fact had a wedding last year on 24 September and I can produce the wedding photos. Well I wouldn't know what compelled her to come to you but the Prophet actually went with his family members and consulted with the Prophetess' family prior to the wedding which was attended by her mother in Borrowdale," he said.

Prophet Passion also pulled a shocker when he allegedly advertised in the press a banner that read: "The only prophet in Zimbabwe who can prophesy your ID number."

He alleged that he discovered his gift in his early teens when he saw "a set of spinning numbers in the air", which turned out to be a schoolmate's ID number.

"I was born with a special gift. When I was young, I used to have strange dreams depicting me in heaven, surrounded by angels. I have the power to foretell one's future," he was quoted saying.

Source: Naija.ng

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