10 Signs She Wants To Break Up With You

10 Signs She Wants To Break Up With You

The ability to read 10 signs she wants to break up will be essential to any man in a relationship or even someone who is considering one.

It is better to see the signs and act on it rather than have her break your heart!

Her Gaze Will Wander When You Talk: If a girl cares for you and is interested in what you say, she will look at you while you are speaking. She will listen. If she keeps glancing around (without any cause) that would mean that she may be losing interest and wants to break up.

She Will Lean Away From You: Body language is an excellent way to deduce a person’s thoughts. If your girlfriend no longer cares about you she will lean away from, rather than towards, you. Her face won’t be animated or interested.

She Is Disinterested in Your Conversations: If your girlfriend hardly talks or doesn’t contribute much to the conversations you have, then it is time to take care.

She Puts off Dates: Or, she will not be eager to meet you. If she won’t spare the time for you unless absolutely necessary, that would definitely indicate that meeting you is no longer an activity of pleasure, and she would like to break up.

She Doesn’t Return Your Calls: Or, will return them after a long interval. If somebody is interested in you, it would be natural for her to return your calls immediately.

She Isn’t Open With You: If you hear important details about her such as a promotion or a job offer, or anything of similar importance from someone else, then it could be a clear indication that she doesn’t consider you important enough to tell you.

She Doesn’t Ask You About Yourself: If a woman likes a man, she would like to know everything about the person, or almost as much as she can gather. If she does not ask questions, that could indicate that she wants to break up.

She Doesn’t Care About Her Appearance: Most women care about how they look in front of people, especially the people they care about. They particularly would want to look good for their special someone. If she is not putting much of an effort when she meets you, there might be cause for worry.

She Shows Explicit Interest in Others: If a woman is interested in a good healthy relationship with you, then she will not care about dating other people. If she does show an interest in other people as opposed to you, it may be a sign of impending break up.

She Wants Time Apart: Time apart may be a sign that she needs to introspect and evaluate your relationship. It may also be a sign that she wants to break up with you.

If you see all of these signs repeatedly, then you may decide that she wants to breakup with you. Still, it may not necessarily be so. There may be other reasons why she is behaving this way. Talk it out honestly and end the relationship if she wants out or if she doesn’t have valid reasons for the above behavior. Sometimes, a break up is the best option.

Source: Naija.ng

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