A family’s lucky escape

A family’s lucky escape

Whether it was fright caused by the loud blast of the horn from the trailer speeding from behind, or whatever else it might have been, the middle-aged driver suddenly lost control.

But for Providence, the man and his four passengers, suspected to be his wife and two other relations would have met certain death in the accident along Toyota stretch of Oshodi-Apapa Expressway at about 5.00p.m. yesterday.

Lucky for them, they sustained injuries, which may be serious on account of some of them being to the head.

What passers-by and sympathizers agreed with was that the man and his family whose name The Guardian could not ascertain were very lucky indeed.

An eyewitness, Suleiman Ibrahim said the man and his passengers were heading to Mile Two from Oshodi in a red Nissan car with Lagos Registration Number AH 327-FFE when the accident occurred.

According to Ibrahim: “The car was heading towards Mile Two when probably because of the loud blast of the horn from the trailer behind, the man tried to give way.

“It was in that process that he rammed the car into the road median and it somersaulted.

“They were lucky too that people gathered and helped them out of the vehicle which had been damaged and was lying on its back.

According to him, the passengers- another man, two women and a boy of about seven years old, also sustained injuries and were taken to hospital.

Another eyewitness who identified himself, simply as Bello said, “the driver of the Nissan car was on top speed when he lost control, rammed into median following which the car somersaulted.

“It is difficult to understand why a man who was probably returning from church or a visit with members of his family should be driving at that speed.

He could have killed them all and then people would blame one thing or the other.

“Many motorists ignore the danger that over-speeding poses to their safety and others as well. Vehicle crashes have been the leading cause of death,” he said

“I thank God nobody died, it was so terrible and I pray that   motorists should take caution.”

A Good Samaritan, one Mr. Anayo, was said to have willingly taken the injured man and his family in his car Volkswagen Golf with Lagos Registration Number ET 574 APP to Isolo General Hospital.

The arrival of officers of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) and police ensured that the traffic jam that was building up as a result of the crash was soon cleared.

An FRSC official who spoke in condition of anonymity, said that the accident was as a result of over-speeding and therefore, avoidable.

“We have always warned drivers to stop over-speeding and over-loading but they would  not hearken to simple  advice until their negligence leads to tragedy.

“ A look also at the tyres on the car indicated they were not in good shape and should not be used at the speed the man was said to have been driving.

Source: Naija.ng

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