Ask Naij: "My Stepdaughter Is Pregnant With My Child"

Ask Naij: "My Stepdaughter Is Pregnant With My Child"

My stepdaughter is pregnant with my child and wants us to run away together. I have feelings for her but I love my wife too.

I am 49, my stepdaughter is 20. She was living with her father when her mum and I married 10 years ago and I didn’t have a lot to do with her growing up.

I bumped into her the night before a friend’s wedding when I was out for a drink with the groom and some of his friends. I didn’t recognise her at first, she has grown into a beautiful woman. It was only when she came over to me and started chatting I realised who she was.

We both had a considerable amount to drink and spent the evening chatting and, to be honest, flirting too. She told me all about her course at uni and the time she’d spent working abroad. Her dad is loaded so she’s got a pretty amazing lifestyle.

At the end of the night we shared a taxi back to the hotel as she was also staying there with the bridegroom’s friends and family. The bridal party was at my house with my wife. We went to our rooms but half an hour later there was a knock on my door and it was my stepdaughter.

We spent the night together and made love. It was pretty amazing too. She made it clear it had just been a bit of fun and no-one would ever find out. The wedding went off with no hitches and I didn’t expect to see her again any time soon.

She sent me a text message last week asking me to call her straight away. She said she’s done a pregnancy test which was positive and that I am the father.

She admitted she has feelings for me and said she wants to keep the baby and us to go abroad to live. I am flattered, the chance of a new life with a beautiful young woman sounds like every middle-aged man’s dream come true.

Do I risk everything and leave my wife, or do I tell my stepdaughter that her secret must not come out as it would do too much damage to my wife? I’m expecting to spend Boxing Day with the two of them. How am I going to get through it?


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