White Ghost Torments 76-Year-Old Granny For 10 Years

White Ghost Torments 76-Year-Old Granny For 10 Years

A 76-year-old granny says for the past 10 years, a white-man's ghost has been tormenting her and making her life miserable.

Gogo Maria Gono, who lives in Mudereri village, Mhondoro, last week barred it all in an interview with our news crew. She revealed that she has run out of ideas and is now begging for help from members of the public who can help her bring the spine-chilling experience to an end.

"I first saw this white-man's ghost as I was coming from Gwelo River, where I had gone for fishing. When I got out of the river I was resiting the 'amai Maria's prayer' as I was mourning my son who had passed away. That's when I met the white man who was putting on army regalia and holding a gun in his hand," said Gogo Gono.

The elderly woman, who is a devoted member of Roman Catholic Church, said when she met the white man, it never crossed her mind that it could be a ghost. She in fact greeted 'him'.

"He said to me 'kwaziwai amai' (hello mum), and I greeted him back. He went on to say I was lucky that he met me as I was praying. He then urged me to tell people what I had seen since his family members do not know where his remains are buried. I knew however where this white guy was buried and he went on to inform me that he wasn't pleased with the place where he was buried (during the liberation war era)," narrated the visibly traumatised granny.

She said the man's grave is not properly built and that his name was written on the wrist watch that was on his hand.

"He said the name on his hand would help his family members to recognise him. So he told me to go tell community leaders to cut off a big tree and put it on his grave, so that people cannot temper with his grave and also to protect his remains from being exposed," she said.

Gogo Gono said she went and informed the village head about this queer development but he could not take any action. She said the village head argued that an inquest would be launched in a bid to ascertain who buried him in that village and how, thereby creating more problems, hence the leader of the village opted to do nothing about it.

"Now the problem is I had accepted to bring the issue to the village leaders, not knowing that nothing would be done about it. So this man keeps on coming to me pushing me to tell people about his 'demands' since I know where he was buried. He was buried in Gweru near Govo Primary school and in a week he can visit me about three times," she said.

The woman said she never killed anyone and neither did any of her close relatives murder that man or anyone else. She said she was being haunted by the white man's spirit merely because she had vowed to inform the village head to take action about the man's request - not knowing what she was committing herself into.

"It's not my first time to meet up with dead people. When I was based in Chivi I saw a man who had died in a pond. I used a log to get him out before his family members who had been looking for him for so long finally buried him. Now I'm staying in Mhondoro with my grand children, my children all died and one of them was a soldier but I'm still being haunted by this white solder's ghost," she said.

Gogo Gono said she is so sure that the man is indeed a ghost because she is the only one who sees him even if he appears while her grandchildren are present.

"At times he comes in broad day light and sit next to me before asking about the progress pertaining to his request. That's why I have brought my issue to your newspaper so that you can let everyone know about it. I want this ghost to know that I have also tried to take action," she said.

Source: Naija.ng

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