5 Ways To Make Your New Year’s Resolution ‘STICK’ In 2013

5 Ways To Make Your New Year’s Resolution ‘STICK’ In 2013

It’s a brand new year and we are still all reveling in the newness and excitement of it all. So much so that more than a few of us have come up with a list of things to start doing, change or improve on.

5 Ways To Make Your New Year’s Resolution ‘STICK’ In 2013

While a lot of people would stick with their decisions, some other new year resolutions are just basically some ‘to do’ list for the first week of the year, then we throw in the towel and proceed to continue the year with really no changes made.

But how do you motivate and inspire yourself to STICK with these new choices and changes you made? Well, read on for useful tips.

S (Schedule It): Hoping is hopeless, so instead of saying, “I will workout 3 times a week in 2013,” say, “I will work out on Tuesdays in the morning, Thursdays after work and Saturday mornings.” By being specific and by scheduling it you are greatly increasing the chances of greeting 2014 with a smaller waistline than if you just “hoped” you could. So kick Mr.Vagueness to the curb and show up now so you can show off later!

T (Take It One Goal…One Day At A Time): Another reason people end up ditching their new year’s resolution come February is because they took on too much too soon. So if you have a laundry list of resolutions, cut that sucker down into many small goals instead. Then commit to tackling only one at a time. You want your focus to be sharp, not scattered. Another option is making one goal a ton of mini goals. Taking baby steps is a more realistic approach.

I (Involve The Homies): Literally tell everyone you know about your 2013 resolution. Don’t worry about being annoying. Your real friends will appreciate your dedication and support you in ways you’ve never imagined. Other folks…well throw them and their negativity the middle finger. Seriously, who you put on your team is everything and this approach really works. So go for it, work your mouth, work your body and get ready to “work” for real!

C (Create Inspiration) Now that you know what you are going to change in 2013 take the time to setup a space that will constantly inspire you. Don’t skip this, this minor inclusion reaps major benefits. It can be a full blown inspiration board or a motivational message you make into your cell phone’s wallpaper. No matter how you set this thing up be sincere in “why” you can and will reach your goal, therefore on days when you feel like giving up you know exactly where to turn (or run) to.

K (Kudos Welcomed) Last but certainly not least, set up opportunities to reward and celebrate your success. Several victories in battle are what help you win the war. Making your rewards specific to your goal will make you want to push harder, go stronger and win!

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