Get More Out of Food With Nutrition Scales

Get More Out of Food With Nutrition Scales

For anyone trying to lose weight or add, it is important to know the amount of nutrient a particular food contains at every point in time. But apart from that, one of the tips that  nutrition experts constantly give is to measure the food that one consumes throughout the day.

As they say, this simple tactic can help one lose weight by tracking the exact number of calories one is taking in with each meal. And to make the process easy, there are several nutritional facts scales that measure food. They are compact and readily available online and at retail shops.

According to, one of the scales known as Nutritional Scale tells a user the amount of food he or she is consuming as well as gives a digital read-out of the number of calories – calories from fat, carbohydrates, protein, cholesterol and sodium of that specific amount of food. The scale features an internal database of 999 foods and their nutritional values. This means that a user does not even have to use the label on the package to do the calculation, the scale will do.

Nutritional Scale is made of stainless steel that will resist rust. It will allow the individual to calculate nutritional values for one  meal or for an entire day. The scale measures in either grammmes or ounces and will hold up to 72 oz. of weight. Most important, it can help keep track of daily caloric intake.

EatSmart Digital Nutrition Scale,  on the other hand, analyses the nutritional content of any food by portion size. According to, it was designed by a team of medical professionals. The database stores the nutritional values for approximately 1,000 foods, which have been carefully selected to reflect fresh, whole foods. The scale will instantly calculate the following cardiovascular nutrients essential for overall well being: calories, carbohydrates, fiber, sodium, potassium, magnesium, total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, calcium, protein, vitamin K.

It features a white backlight to fully illuminate the display for easy readings while its weigh capacity is 11 lbs. to allow it weigh most things in the kitchen. Also , EatSmart Nutrition Facts Calculator is one of the most comprehensive educational and behavioral modification tools in the market today, as has been reviewed by dietitians and nutritionists. It is also reputed to be effective in the management of diabetes.

There is also Lloydspharmacy Nutritional Scale which is simple to use by following five easy steps that can help one effectively find out the nutritional value of food. The steps include turning on the scales and waiting for 0g to appear on display,  then pressing the  g/lb to select weighing units, placing food on scales to weigh, entering the code from food code list and pressing the relevant nutritional value button for a breakdown of food information. The nutritional scales,  as coolest notes, comes pre-programmed with the details of 400 foods and have the ability to add different foods together in order to give the nutritional value of a complete meal.

The Perfect Portions Food Scale + Nutrition Facts is another scale and nutritional calculator in one. It is an intuitive and easy-to-read nutritional scale. Unlike others, the Perfect Portions Scale breaks down the information into percentage on daily value, tracks the daily total and even allows a user to customise the scale by entering his own foods.

The scale is designed with a stylish glass-top surface and touchpad keys to integrate the platform, display and keys into one clean surface

Another handy gadget in measuring nutritional value of food is Precision Scale, which weighs food in grammes or ounces with a high-precision reading of +/- 1 gram (.05 oz.). The unit features a washable stainless steel platform and can weigh up to 72 ounces or 2000 grammes.

It features a database containing information for 1999 foods. And all the user needs to do is enter the food code for a portion of food and it will compute the following: calories, calories from fat, carbohydrates, protein, fat, saturated fat, fiber, sugars, cholesterol and sodium. The information is easy to read, displayed just the way it is on food packaging labels. The scale runs on two AA batteries which is included in the pack and comes with a handy auto power-off feature that ensures a user does not drain them too quickly.



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