Jonathan Out To Slaughter PDP, Party Youths Cry Out

Jonathan Out To Slaughter PDP, Party Youths Cry Out

In a statement signed by its Publicity director, Comrade Bala Usman, and National Director, Fidelis Uzoka, the group said it would not stand idly by while the structure that their founding fathers labored hard to build is now “used in dancing the one legged dance of the spirits that leads to doom.”

Jonathan Out To Slaughter PDP, Party Youths Cry Out


Said the group: “The events of the last few days [have] ignited outrage and public condemnation because of the deliberate and well calculated commencement of a  Presidential campaign  by President Jonathan even in the face of his  so called ban on political activities is an unwarranted test of the will and patience of Nigerians who has tried to exhibit high level of tolerance to a regime which seems in the last two years to have lost the focus of true leadership and proper understanding of the ideals of our party’s founding fathers.

The choice of the midnight of the new year for such wasteful gamble of flooding Abuja with the Presidents campaign posters is very embarrassing and show of leadership idleness on the part of the Presidential hawks.”

Reviewing those events, the group described the timing of the campaign posters as “ill motivated, diversionary, high level of childish prank” and a calculated attempt to test the will of Nigerian people and members of the ruling party by a regime that has burned the goodwill that Nigerians gave to the party.

“We have watched and read the reactions of Nigerians to this new year gift which came at a time Nigerians where trying to enjoy their new year, same way they returned last year to grace the hike in the price of fuel   which was an anti-party decision and an inhuman treatment which was contrary to the dreams of our party’s founding fathers of build a strong economic base for the Nigerian Citizenry.

“The President and his team after seeing that this attempt to fly the 2015 kite has failed and backfired with outrage from Nigerians, hurriedly put up a disclaimer which was neither here nor there, aimed at pulling wool over our eyes. Nigerians cannot be hoodwinked by this last minute exoneration attempt, not even when the same president has filled another defense at the federal high court where he is battling to prove that he has a right to second term. Who is fooling who?”

The PDP Youth Council then asked a series of questions regarding why Mr. Jonathan wants to run for a second term when he had repeatedly committed only to one.

It also dismissed Jonathan’s abysmal performance in office.  “What will the President gain from abandoning his responsibility of governance to pursue a phantom 2015 project without a single achievement?”

It said that as members of the ruling party, the youths had resorted to shouting because the President is on the path of “slaughtering” the party, and warned that the national stability and intra party cohesion and trust which Jonathan is about to breach a second time will rip the party apart and set it on a journey to eternal burial.

“We say NO to this,” the statement said. “Posters or no Posters, the PDP has suffered greatly in the hands of President Jonathan, the public rating of the party has gone down below 30 percent, our electoral strength has dwindled, our party intra unity and cohesion has been broken. WE MUST REPAIR PDP NOW. The PDP has been so kind to Jonathan, by keeping him uninterrupted in power since our return to democracy from 1999 till date, the President must pay the party back by been honorable and placing the unity of the party and interest above his personal ambition.”

It warned that the party cannot withstand the firepower of the Mega party and Nigerian electorate if Jonathan fails to perform, and that the PDP must save itself by getting Jonathan to be accountable, focused and competent as his continuous  slide to failure and confusion is not a Jonathan problem but a party problem.

The survival of the PDP, the group said, depends on the ability of Jonathan to clear the leadership mess that has been imposed on Nigeria. 

“Our PDP must get President Jonathan to come clean before 2015 by cleaning the corruption mess all over Nigeria which has increased both in the judiciary, legislature and executives in the last 3 years.

“The subsidy mess which the President created must be handled and resolved.

“The level of unemployment which is on the rise must be contained now.

“The level of insecurity and armed robberies/kidnapping which has become part of our hourly life in Nigeria must be resolved.

“The issue of terrorism and wanton destruction must be resolved not by VIPs riding in security cars but ordinary Nigerians having the secure environment to carry on their legitimate activities.

“Religious worship must not be a thing of fear under a Jonathan government but joy and celebration.

“The elevation of ethnicity and petty issue to governance level must be reversed.”

The youths predicted that before the day runs out, they expect to be cajoled, intimidated, called names and harassed by security agencies because they have dared to speak publicly the truth they had previously said within only to be ignored, but warned that the dangers they have identified, if not dealt with, will see the curtains come down on their party.

"We wish to state that the gathering storm against our party both internally and externally is building and if the President has finally run out of ideas to lead our nation and provide leadership unity, honor and respect to the dreams of our party's founding fathers and the electorates who innocently entrusted him with a mandate he has betrayed, We urge our party leader to do the honorable and courageous thing and resign from office and hand over power to his deputy, so that the process of rebuilding our party and giving focused leadership can commence in earnest as we have less than two years to the next election. "


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