Ask Naij: "My Girlfriend Wants A Threesome With Another Woman"

Ask Naij: "My Girlfriend Wants A Threesome With Another Woman"

I came home from work to find my girlfriend waiting for me with another woman and she expected me to go to bed with both of them.

I’m 43 and my partner is 37. We’ve been together six years. I was a bit of a player before but she’s the woman of my dreams. I knew she had a relationship with a woman before me but I can cope with people being a bit bi.

Our lives were contented and everything fine, then she got a new job and she made some new, very lively, friends. We had a night out last week and she had way more to drink than she normally does. Maybe she needed some courage to tell me what she had in mind.

When we got home she said she wanted to sleep with one of the new crowd – a woman – but didn’t want me to feel left out so she wanted us to have a threesome.

Not my cup of tea but I knew she was a bit wasted so I thought it must be the drink-talking. I said that we’d talk the next day. I got up next morning as usual. I went off to work and left her there snoring in bed.

When I got home she was sitting there with this other woman – the other woman. She was clearly expecting me to go to bed with them both.

I stood up and very politely said I was sorry, I had to go out. I went to the bar for a couple of hours and when I got home to my girlfriend we sat down and talked.

She said it had been a fantasy of hers for years. She said if I loved her I’d do this for her. I do love her a lot and I don’t want to lose her.

Should I agree?


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