"Sex Is Good..." – Actress, Biodun Okeowo

"Sex Is Good..." – Actress, Biodun Okeowo

Curvaceous actress, Biodun Okeowo, who hit the limelight in the flick, Tolani Oshirin, is one of the glamorous actresses rocking the Yoruba movie sector at the moment with her uncommon talent and irresistible sex appeal.

"Sex Is Good..." – Actress, Biodun Okeowo

Apart from featuring in many films, she has also made her mark as a producer  with seven films to her credit.

On December 15, 2012 she premiered her much talked about movie, Omo Butty (Pampered Child), where she brought Fuji musician, Wasia Alabi, popularly known as Pasuma to thrill the guests.

Unfortunately, her action was misinterpreted, as she is romantically linked to the Fuji star. In this exclusive interview, she opens up on her relationship with Pasuma. She also talks about her career, her lifestyle, marriage and sex .


How did your journey into the movie industry begin?

I started acting as far back as 2006. I started training with the Ray Eyiwunmi Organisation and since then, I have been on my own.

What made you choose acting as a career?

Acting has been an integral part of my being.I have always loved the practitioners in the movie industry. Even when I was very young, I was part of the drama group in my Church. It was from there, I started sharpening my talent in acting. The Eyiwunmi Organisation later became the platform through which I launched myself into the movie world and so far, I thank God for my humble achievements. Besides, What I studied in school had a bit of theatrical touch.

I studied Communication Arts from Lagos State University and I guess that helped in some ways.

So far, would you say, acting has been good to you?

Yes, acting has been good to me. It has opened doors for me. It has also brought favour to me in some quarters.

They say, there are caucuses in the Yoruba  movie industry such as the Odunfa caucus, The Abeokuta crew and the rest. Which one of these groups do you belong to?

Like I said before, I  emerged from the  Ray Eyiwunmi Organisatiom. But now, I’m a freelance actress.

What movie gave you, your  break?

“Tolani Osinrin” gave me my break and  I was happy playing a major role for the first time in my own movie.

Which  movie has been most challenging to you and why?

I’ve not been challenged theatrically. But I’m looking forward to having one.

Why are you not featuring in English?

I’m not afraid of delving into the  English sector but the thing is, I’ve not been invited or given the opportunity but if the opportunity surfaces I’ll gladly accept. At my level now, you don’t expect me to be begging for a role, do you?

What do you consider before taking up a role or accepting a script and have you ever had to reject a script and why?

Yes, first and foremost I look at the  storyline. Second, the plot and third, the  director.  Yep, I’ve rejected scripts. I reject scripts that are not well baked and perfectly detailed. That is why I don’t feature in anyhow movies. I’ve made such mistakes in the  past and it really affected me. But Glory be to God that brought me back on my feet. So now I don’t just act all movies.

I scrutinise scripts very well before taking them on.

What are the challenges of being an actress and a producer at the same time?

When I talk about films I have featured in, I have lost count but on my own I have  produced seven movies. Starting with ‘Tolani Oshirin’, ‘Okanjua’, ‘Oke Irapada’  and others. Producing one movie in a year, it’s so tasking being an actress and a producer at the same time. Because you have to deal with several different issues at the same time.

Combining the  two, means one needs to contend with monetary issues and good interpretation  of roles,to make the production a successful one.

Which of your movies has been most successful and why?

Oh, it is very hard for me to say because all the films produced by me are good but if I have to really stick my neck out I’ll give it to ‘Ife Nsiere’ (Love is Crazy) but I truly believe my best is yet to come.  I  think people love ‘Ife N Siere’ because it deals with contemporary  issue of lesbianism.

What inspired your doing ‘Ife Nsiere (Love is Crazy)’ and what is your response to some criticising the film as being a little bit raw?

I got the  inspiration to write Ife Nsiere’ because lesbianism has become the  order of the  day which is fast gaining ground to the  detriment of this generation. My aim really is  to preach against this Sodomic act and also to tell people that not all that glitters is gold. The movie is not raw. And if viewers believe so, we did it to pass the message clearly and because acting is make-believe, we have to make  it real and believable.

I want people to know that there’s no profit in lesbianism. I want to also fault this common saying that love is crazy; love’s not crazy, neither is it blind. I want people to also know that marriage is meant to be preserved. House wives shouldn’t just jump to conclusion when, maybe, they see lipstick stains on their husband’s clothes and think that he’s had something to do with another woman.

What are you working on now and what is the story?

Presently, I’ve just shot ‘Omo Butty(Pampered Child)’ and it has even been premiered and is making tour of cinemas right now and it is expected to remain a big hit throughout the first part of 2013.

I will be going on location soon to shoot another movie to be called  ‘Ore (Friends)’. ‘Omo Butty’ is about a spoilt child.

Are you in any relationship and are you considering getting married?

Yes, I am in a very serious relationship leading to marriage in the most quiet way.

What would make you marry a man now, what do you really want in a man after two kids?

Because there’s no glory for a queen who’s got no king. Our society doesn’t accept an unmarried woman as a responsible woman. God knows his plan for me and what’s the  best for me in terms of the  type of man to marry.

I am a woman and every woman needs a man to be complete.

What’s your idea of sex generally? As a beautiful woman you must be getting so much pressure?

Sex is good, and it should only be done between married people because sex is an oath. Its not something that should be done with numerous partners or done for the  fun of it. It is like marriage, sacred and pure.

As for the pressure, may be temptations will come your way but it is left to the woman to control herself and be who she really wants to be without compromising her beliefs.

There is a whisper of a gist that something of a hot romance is brewing between you and Pasuma?

Where did that emanate from? It is laughable. I laugh because people are it again. Pasuma is a brother, a friend, and a very nice person to me too.

Pasuma knows my man very well so where did this unscrupulous rumour emanate from that I’m dating him. Can’t people see closeness in different sexes and see it as platonic only? Local mentality is what I’m seeing in such rumour.

Please rumour peddlers should go and  find jobs  to do.

What is sexiest about Biodun Okeowo?

Well, being sexy means different things to different people. But I think my shape, especially my hips are the sexiest part of my body.

Is it true that most actresses are flirts and this is largely responsible for their not being able to hold on to  marriages?

Well, I cant speak for others. But Biodun Sofuyi Okeowo is not a flirt. That, I can stand tall to say anywhere.

Source: Entertainment.naija.ng

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