I’m Happy With My Success — Darey Art Alade

I’m Happy With My Success — Darey Art Alade

A chip off the old block, Darey Art Alade, the son of late Art Alade, has grown to be a man of his own. He represents the current tide at which music flows.

I’m Happy With My Success — Darey Art Alade

This multi-talented act gives an insight into his genre of music.

How much of a commercial success would you say the brand, Darey is?

Darey is a huge commercial success! A multiple threat, whose income streams are actually unparalleled in Nigerian entertainment, With multiple nominations, awards, accolades, steady popularity and industry respect, I am quite happy with the small successes recorded so far!

Some people are of the opinion that the brand ought to have been bigger than it is now. Do you share the same feeling?

I feel blessed to be where I am today. Only the grace of God can sustain one this far. Being big is actually subjective. I have always loved this saying, “slow and steady, wins the race.”

Some have argued that your kind of music is better appreciated outside Nigeria where rap and hip-hop have the upper hand. Do you agree?

I have performed my music and shared my talent in many places around the world. Home remains the only place with the biggest fan base, strongest support and biggest income generator. So, I am not quite sure how to answer your question.

You have been operating from Abuja. Would you say this is good or bad for your profession?

Once you have a working model, strong team and well-oiled machinery, where you are has nothing to do with where you are going.

What factors influenced the decision to relocate?

That remains personal. Nothing out of the extra-ordinary though. Sometimes you make decisions and simply stick with them. I think that is what being a man is all about.

Your father’s name opens doors for you in the industry, how much influence did he have on you?

My father always told me that a good name is better than all the money in the world. I am grateful to this day for those words of wisdom.

How much impact did Project Fame, a reality show you participated in, have on your career?

It was a platform to do whatever I could and I am happy with all decisions I have taken. I am humble and grateful for every learning curve before the TV show and after the hype of it all.

Darey used to be an On- Air Personality. Do you miss doing radio and are you looking at going back to it someday?

Those were the days! I am not too far from my radio family. Music still takes me to the studio facilities around the country but of course, not in the same way I used to do it a short while ago. I am going to own mine soon by the special grace of God!

In addition to music what else do you do?

There are so many other things. I am a budding entrepreneur, entertainment consultant and parent. All that is just a scratch on the surface.

What are the thrills of being married and been the father of two lovely children?

Simply beautiful.

What makes it easy or difficult to balance marriage and music? Do the two go hand in hand?

I would not know what makes it easy or difficult. What I know is that with a God-sent partner, strong vision and prayers, things go a lot smoother.

What are those things about you had to change when you got married?

I am not as social as I used to be. Priorities must change naturally and marriage has not slowed me down in any way. I have always been calm and collected.

What legacy would you want to bequeath to your children?

To believe in them, be proud of who they are and where they come from and never take nonsense from anyone. Legacies of a strong character, discipline, love for family and humanity.

What is uppermost on your mind when you are composing a song?

The notes used, melodies employed and honestly the song! When trying to make music, all you can think about is the music.

What kind of childhood did you have?

A very exciting and loving one. I was a rascal (at least that is what many of my older ones tell me) but there was love everywhere around me.

The competition is getting stiffer with the emergence of young artistes; do you feel threatened in any way?

 Actually, the new artistes emerging ought to be threatened. They have their work cut out for them! I always have the mindset of a new artiste.

Is there more to you than what we already know or think we know?

There is always more, but there is a certain excitement in keeping it a mystery. Don’t you think so?

What is your definition of style and how do you like to dress?

Comfortable, edgy, when provoked but generally comfortable style. Never try too hard.

How do you relax and what is your favourite pastime?

Sleep is much needed many times. TV, taking a drive and unwinding with the family make me feel relaxed perfectly. Favourite pastimes are usually my sports—basketball, tennis and occasional football.

Which music icons do you look up to locally and internationally?

I learn from everyone. From Fela to Hugh Masakela, Jay Z to John Legend, Stevie Wonder to Quincy Jones. The list is longer than endless.

Source: Entertainment.naija.ng

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