A Widow Should Only Remarry On Her Own Terms - Funbi Akinyosoye

A Widow Should Only Remarry On Her Own Terms - Funbi Akinyosoye

A Widow Should Only Remarry On Her Own Terms - Funbi Akinyosoye

Funbi Akinyosoye is the CEO of Dunamis Events, one of the most sort after event planner in the country. The University of Lagos graduate of Fishery delved into the entertainment industry in 2001 and has grown to be an exceptional force in organizing weddings and other events. In this interview she talks about her challenges in the industry, life as a widow, and much more.

What is Dunamis Events up to lately?

At Dunamis we are trying to be better than what we were. We try our best not to compete with anybody but we put in all our best in what we do.

What is the competition like ?

I want to believe we are in a class of our own,because this race is a personal thing. We are not saying that we are oblivious of what is happening around us. No, but at the same time we are not looking at what Mr.A is doing or what Mr.B is doing. We did something yesterday, we want it to be better. Healthy competition is very good.

It’s just like anything that has gained acceptance all over the world. Like we have so many hospitals, we have so many churches. People have the means of knowing who is in it passionately and who is in it for the money. Aside that, you have to carve a niche for yourself, by making your work standout. You let your customers know that if they give you work, they can go to sleep and be rest assured that their work will be properly done. So when you have a signature like that and you have brand loyalty people would still use your services irrespective of how many legions of events planners are out there.

How old is Dunamis now?

Dunamis was twelve, August 12th last year to the glory of God.

You started this with your husband, how has it been without him?

Funny enough I didn’t. I started when I was single but somewhere along the line I met my husband and we got married almost ten years ago. He’s been gone now for about five years and to the glory of God, things haven’t been dull. God has been wonderful to us. He was a good helpmate and was always pushing me forward to move up and be the best I could be. I think all we need is the Holy Spirit and it’s just God in us. God can help you bring a dream booster to help you like he did with him. But through it all, its been God.

It’s been five years?

Almost five years, it would be five years in April.

Are you thinking of re-marrying?

Yes I am, pretty soon by God’s grace.

How long should a widow grieve her late husband?

People say it’s for a number of years, but nobody was there when you were mourning and so nobody has the right to dictate the number of years to grieve a loved one. Some men of God and people generally ask why a widow is re-marrying so soon, but I think everything boils down to you and your relationship with God. Also who you choose to marry should not be on anybody’s terms; it should be your own thing. It’s your destiny and what you choose to do with it is yours. I think what really matters is making God a priority in every decision you are making.

How has your mum’s and husband’s death impacted you?

It has taught me that no matter what grudge you may be harboring, life is worth much more than anything that anyone has done to hurt you. One thing that I begged God that I don’t want to lose is my childhood innocence. You know I am very jovial, even with all these happenings God has helped me keep that child-like innocence, which I think works well even for me. If all that had brushed off my child-like innocence that would have been a great deal but for the fact that I am still the happy-go-lucky girl. I think it has taught me that life goes on anyway and that God is still on the throne.

Source: Naija.ng

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