Today's Game: Niger 0 - 0 Congo DR [Live Update]

Today's Game: Niger 0 - 0 Congo DR [Live Update]

90+5' There goes the final whistle! A 0-0 draw. Niger earn their first point in this tournament. Both teams still in the finals. But DR Congo need to beat Mali to progress.

90+3' Talatou fires the shot at goal from 22 yards out, but Kidiaba springs to his left to prevent the ball from hitting the net. Real chance to play in a team-mate. Should have perhaps have looked for a companion rather than trying to hit the net.

90+2' DR coach Claude Le Roy not looking too displeased deep into stoppage time.

89' We are into five minutes of time added on in Port Elizabeth.

88' Time ticking down now as Niger throw the ball long.

87' Issa Modibo Sidibé departs to be replaced by Alhassane Issoufou for Niger.

86' Kassaly down on the deck in his own area needing a spot of treatment.

85' Dan Kowa has escaped with some late challenges this evening. Mbokani the latest to feel his attentions.

84' Kassaly comes off his line to shove the ball out of his area. Wasn't the most convincing piece of handling, but gets the ball out of his box.

83' A booking here for Mbokani. Assume that must be for dissent.

82' Niger needing this goal more than DR Congo, who would go through with a win over Mali in their final game. Unless there is a goal here.

81' Mbokani caught by a perfect sliding challenge from Dan Kowa. Took a huge risk making that challenge.

80' Anderlecht's Mbokani could well be the match-winner here if DR Congo can engineer a path to goal.

78' An offside flag is raised against Mbokani. This game well and truly in the melting pot.

77' Tonji has been booked for a late tug on Makiadi as he threatened to race clear. I think that is called taking one for the team.

76' Mbokani just fails to connect with a one-two moving forward. Much better movement from the DR Congo side, who have been disappointing in this second period.

75' Tonji takes over from Koudize for Niger. Little surprise. His tackling is a liability.

74' Issiaka Koudize on the deck here after he throws in another poor, poor tackle.

73' DR Congo on the attack again, but a move breaks down 30 yards from the Niger goal. Seems to have been the story of most of the night.

72' Koudize is down on the deck and requiring some attention after over extending his leg in a challenge.

71' Plenty of vibrant colours and noise in the stands, but no nearer to finding an opening goal.

69' Lancina with a long throw into the DR Congo box, but Maazou is unable to get on the end of it.

68' Matumonab arrives to replace Mputu for DR Congo.

67' Kasusula delivers a free-kick, but all too easy for Niger to clear before Mbokani's cutback is given similar treatment. Neither side yet to open the door.

66' Makiadi smashes a long range shot over the bar. That effort was certainly travelling.

65' Kasusula watching the dangerous Maazou, who needs no encouragement to go on a run and get his shooting boots on out there.

64' Mputu sees a rare glimpse of that Niger goal in this second period, but the shot is flashed across the goal and wide.

63' Kassaly with the ball in the Niger box before he thumps it long down the park. Will Niger's fitness levels hold up? Have worked so hard to close space.

62' One goal might well be enough to win this contest. Niger getting more bodies up the park.

61' Niger have taken off the gloves here. Claude Le Roy looking slightly concerned about this.

60' Maazou with a fine header from Soumaila's cross. Lovely play. Decent diving save by Kidiaba.

55' Kidiaba quick to halt a shot by Soumaila seconds later. Hit with some force, but no real direction.

54' Maazou hammers a shot at goal. Decent stop by Kidiaba, who makes his first real save of the night.

53' Mbokani caught offside seconds later. One false move from either side could spell curtains for them at this tournament.

52' Issiaka Koudize goes through Mbokani with a horrid challenge. How he isn't booked for that..strange decision by the referee.

51' A few more challenges fly in at pace before Kidiaba picks up a disappointing free-kick. Will take those all night long.

50' Decent break from the back by Maazou, but he ends up lifting the cross straight out of play. Disappointing end to that move.

49' Lua-Lua given the hook at the break to be replaced by Kanda for DR Congo.

48' Boubacar has departed for Niger to be replaced by Talatou.

47' Niger keeping the ball at the back. Couple of changes for both teams at half-time.

46' And off we go then for this second period.

45+2'There goes the whistle for the break! 0-0 at half-time. All to play for in the second period.

44' We are into two minutes of time added on in the first period.

43' Lua Lua again dances to the edge of the Niger box, but just overdoes it. All too easy for Niger to clear the danger.

42' Kassaly holds a long-range dive after his earlier heroics. That isn't going to trouble him in this sort of form.

41' Niger will certainly be the happier team to get to the break all level here.

40' Lovely pass by Mputu to play in his team-mate, but Niger somehow survive that latest attack.

39' Another wonderful save by Kassaly to spread himself and block from the Mbokani shot. Brilliant goalkeeping.

38' A Mexican wave has just broken out around the ground which tends to suggest the way this game is going.

37' A booking for Maazou after a late, sliding challenge on Cedric Makiadi.

36'Kasusula throws over a high, looping hopeful cross. Kassaly quickly off his line to collect the ball.

35' Fatokouma fouled by Mulumbu out wide. Some decent ball skills by him to get himself out of a tight spot.

34' Dan Kowa takes no chances as he empties the ball straight out of play. And on we go at 0-0.

33' DR Congo continue to produce some anxious moments in front of the Niger goal, but they also look the likelier side.

32' Ball breaks to Lua Lua in the Niger area. Youssouf Mulumbu then with the shot, but he fires the ball wide. Should have been the opening goal.

31' Niger's hopes of winning their first match at this African Cup of Nations continue to be given hope by DR Congo's inability to cut them open.

30' 30 minutes into this match and the pattern seems to find Niger planted on the edge of their own box in numbers every time DR Congo threaten to attack.

29' Dan Kowa doing well to clear the danger from Lua Lua's attempted pass through the middle of the Niger rearguard.

28' Play resumes after a minute. DR Congo coach Claude Le Roy cuts an animated figure at the side of the park.

26' Issiaka Koudize on the deck here needing a spot of treatment. These tackles not lacking any muscle.

25' Niger holding firm in the face of some decent passing movements by Congo before Boubacar ends up sending a pass straight out of play.

24' Lancina is sent tumbling to the deck by Mputu in the Niger area. Clear foul and a free-kick to Niger.

23' Lancina studies his options before thumping a shot high and wide from distance. Poor finish really.

22'Robert Kidiaba comes to collect a high ball with Moussa Maazou hoping for a handling error by the goalkeeper.

21' Defeat for either of these sides will see them both tumble out of this tournament so they both know what is at stake this evening. Defeat not an option.

20' Modibo Sidibe in need of some treatment after colliding with Larrys Mabiala earlier in this match.

19' Mohamed Bachar decides to unload a shot from distance, but well over the bar. Slack play again by DR Congo in some key areas.

18' Lua Lua showing some quick feet, but Niger have three bodies around him to thwart any danger.

17'Niger back on the ball in their own half. Trying to play the passing game, but feeling the heat from a DR Congo side who are obviously of a higher technical quality.

16' Moussa Maazou set to pull the trigger from distance, but the referee deemed there had been a handball used.

15' Some meaty challenges flying in out there before DR Congo wallop the ball long from deep.

14' Gernot Rohr, the coach of Niger, trying to encourage his side to keep their shape. Which is easier said than done.

13' Niger's defence cut wide open trying to play the offside trap. Mbokani can't believe that save. Little wonder.

12' Dieumerci Mbokani sees Kassaly make a magnificent diving stop to prevent his volley from hitting the net. Brilliant effort and save.

11' Game raging from end to end, but Niger must be quietly content with the opening to the match.

10' Chicoto with a hopeful pass from deep. All a bit aimless as the pass flies straight into the arms of Kidiaba in the DR Congo goal.

9' Mbokani breaks forward for DR Congo, but ends up giving the ball away. Couldn't pick out Lua Lua with the pass.

8' Plenty of noise in the stadium if not the numbers. Lua Lua earns his side a corner-kick.

7' DR Congo looking the more comfortable side in possession. Refusing to be hurried before a pass by Kabangu is hurtled straight out of play.

6' Niger have never led a match in the African Cup of Nations. A historic moment is passed up with that Sidibe miss.

5' This game has certainly opened up at a vibrant enough pace. Certainly more animated than the match between Ghana and Mali earlier on.

4' Loose ball breaks to Lua Lua from the lay-off by Mputu, but he wallops his effort wide. Another decent chance for DR Congo.

3' Modibo Sidibe somehow hits a post. Slack play by DR Congo, but Niger can't cash in. What a let-off that is for DR Congo. Kidiaba was beaten by that shot, but the post saved him.

2' Lomana Lua Lua thumps a volley well over the bar. Worth a hit, but always difficult to turn the ball home from such a tight angle.

1' We are off and running. Niger get the action started in Port Elizabeth.


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