Woman Throws Apprentice Into Well Over Affair with Husband

Woman Throws Apprentice Into Well Over Affair with Husband

Mrs Eunice Akpais is 37 years old and a successful seamstress also known as fashion designer by all standards. But she is now battling hard to convince the men of the Nigeria Police that she did not deliberately push a young woman, Ladun, who also is her apprentice into a well.

Woman Throws Apprentice Into Well Over Affair with Husband

Eunice’s fashion designing outfit is situated around Omoladun Street, Alagbado area of Lagos State while she lives with her husband, Frank, at Willy Bankole Street, Off Ile-Epo area. Eunice reportedly has no fewer than seven matured girls learning the fashion designing trade under her auspices.

Frank, her husband, reportedly works for a brewery in Sango-Ota, Ogun State. Frank’s schedule of work in his office includes two days off from work every week. This, he reportedly often spends in company of his wife.

Of all the seven apprentices under her, Eunice is said to have a soft spot for Ladun, who is 24 is so trusted by her boss that she is the only one that the latter allows to go on errands for her in her house.

On Monday, June 25, 2012, the secret hitherto hidden for Eunice came to light. That day was the beginning of Frank’s two-day break. He had reportedly told his wife that he would be attending a house warming ceremony of a friend somewhere in Ayobo and would not be back until the following day.

Early that Monday morning, Eunice had received a call from Ladun that her mother was ill and she needed to accompany her to the hospital, a request Eunice granted without blinking an eye. Barely two hours after Ladun called her boss, Ladun's mother, who had traveled out of the state since the previous Friday, headed to Ladun’s shop hoping to retrieve their house key from her daughter.

Eunice was shocked to the marrow when she saw Ladun’s mother walked briskly into her shop. When confronted with the story of her illness as relayed by her daughter, the old woman laughed it off and told Eunice that her daughter might not want to come to shop that day. Once Ladun’s mother left the shop, Eunice became worried. She began to link the shocking discovery of Ladun’s lies and her husband strange excuse to be out of home for the day.

Apparently disturbed about the development, Eunice left the shop and headed home. As fate would have it, the bus she rode in to her house, had taken another root, for fear of heavy traffic build up, and by a filling station to refill its tank. Just as the bus was about refueling, she saw her husband’s car also wanting to refill too. Lo and behold, Ladun, clad in one of the cloths Eunice had given her, was seating beside Frank in the car.

The shocked Eunice hurriedly got down and headed towards the car. But Frank having sighted his wife advancing, quickly started his car and sped off. Eunice only yelled as her husband’s car sped past her.

At the close of work that day, rather than go to her house, Eunice went straight to Ladun’s. When she arrived there, she met Ladun washing clothes beside the well in the compound. Without waiting for explanation, Eunice pounced on Ladun, giving her the beating of her life. She reportedly tore all her clothes too.

The two of them soon engaged in fierce fighting. In the heat of the fight, Eunice allegedly wrestled Ladun towards the well and pushed her inside it. At this stage, some neighbours had gathered.

While wanting to escape from the compound, she was apprehended by some men around; another man reportedly entered the well to bring Ladun out. if not for the timely intervention of the man that jumped inside the well, Ladun would have died. She was rescued almost immediately, albeit half drowned and rushed to a private hospital close by while Eunice was subjected to some beatings and questioning.

Frank, however, claimed that he met Ladun on his way from a party and decided to give her a ride to her house being a nice girl to his family. “How can I be sleeping with my wife’s apprentice? That is unthinkable. Don’t mind my wife; she was just being unnecessarily jealous of the girl. She knows I like the girl because of all that she has been doing for us,” he said.

Asked why he had a sudden change of mind from spending the night outside that day, he said that he decided to spend just an hour at the party because he was feeling cold. Frank however declined to give out his friend’s telephone number or address for the confirmation of the latter’s house warming story


Source: Naija.ng

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