"I Think My Husband Is Trying To Kill Me"

"I Think My Husband Is Trying To Kill Me"

A woman who fears she is being poisoned by her husband has written to Elle magazine seeking advice about the situation.

The letter-writer, only identified as 'Losing Sleep', penned a note to advice columnist E. Jean Carroll saying that she suspected her husband of 11 years has been putting chemicals in her coffee and expensive body lotions.

The woman begins the letter by saying that she is worried because her coffee tastes funny and she is having a bad reaction to her expensive beauty creams.

The writer goes on to say that she has significant assets and a good job, whereas her husband does not work and that he's had 'plenty of chances' to kill her. She then tells Ms Caroll that her response to the suspected poisoning has been to do a little detective work on her husband - by installing a hidden camera in their bathroom. 

However it appears her husband had found the device - and deleted her evidence. The veracity of the letter - which is dated January 4 - is uncertain but nevertheless, veteran advice columnist E. Jean Carroll gets straight to the point in her response: ' Your marriage is finished.'

She then recommends that the woman sort out her financial affairs and go to a divorce attorney as soon as possible.

Here is the letter she wrote:

"I suspect he’s putting something in my coffee. I notice it smells funny, and when I drink it, my eyes get super-puffy and swollen. I suspect he’s also adding stuff to my lotions and bath products, which created brown discolorations on my skin. My legs look as if they’re covered in snakeskin…

These are expensive, high-end products that I know from experience work well. My suspicions have been further aroused since he’s started ranting about my 'using chemicals'. Last month I purchased a small camera and hid it in the bathroom, but I think he discovered it and deleted the files. So I moved it to a new location, and he put something in front of the lens.

I need help. I’ve been married to this man for 11 years! I don’t know what to do! I’m freaked out! I have a successful career and own significant assets. He doesn’t work. Obviously, if he wanted to kill me, he’s had plenty of chances. So my questions: Can you suggest a camera that might be more user-friendly and more easily concealed?"


'YOUR MARRIAGE IS OVER' Your marriage is finished. Pack up the evidence (you won’t soon be coming back), and go see if your accounts are in order. A husband who tampers with a wife’s moisturizers will tamper with her money.

While you’re at the bank, after you’ve looked into your investments, retirement funds, etc., now may be the time to move resources from any joint accounts into your personal ones, strike his name from credit cards, and so on. After going to the bank, visit your attorney - your new matrimonial attorney - and give her the sham shampoos, bum bath oils, a copy of the hard drive of your husband’s computer, detailed notes on his 'rants' about 'chemicals,' and so forth. She’ll accompany you when you go to the police.

NOTE: One is never quite sure of husbands these days. It may turn out the fella was putting castor oil in your coffee in a flaky attempt to protect you from chemicals.

Source: Naija.ng

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