Basorge Extols True African Values

Basorge Extols True African Values

Basorge Extols True African Values

Please kindly tell us about yourself.

I am that Rivers man called Basorge Tariah Jnr, popularly known as Basorge. My name has not changed.

When did you start acting professionally?

It is hard to put a date to that, because I ventured into acting like I did other ventures. Unless you want to set a date to a particular production or acting experience, and that would be in 1995, in Faces, produced by Sidney Dialla and directed by Zeb Ejiro.

How was the first time experience on set?

 Fantastic. I was a pro. That’s where I met my best friend, Kate Henshaw.

 Tell us of your journey into comedy?

From secondary school, I was always the best comic act. And at the university, I used to do shows for small money. Then I came to Lagos (Jazzville) about the same time I started acting. My first major corporate job was with Elf.

Which of your movies brought you to the limelight?

Faces, my very first movie, and Domitilla. My first attempt into every endeavor is always a memorable and remarkable. I put my heart in the things I do.

What are you currently working on?

A drama series on DVD, The Dogood & Emem Show. My record label, Solid Star Records is set to release some artistes with the songs produced by me. Then, another installment of the “My Guy” series to be shot in London in conjunction with Ruke Amata. Remember, there was My Guy which featured Ali Baba and Rita Dominic in her very first movie role. Then My Guy Part 2 that featured Yaw, AY and some others.

Tell us your most embarrassing experience?

When my wife planned a surprise party for me, I attended the party and left, but didn’t know it was my party!

What do you think of the Nigerian entertainment industry?

The industry is inundated with talents, unbelievable, world class potentials. That has also engendered laziness and copyright infringements. Some of these talented people shun hard work. They just copy people’s materials and many do not even have the cunning to tweak them and present them as their own. We can only improve the industry when there are proper structures with all parties pitching in their efforts and the practitioners receiving proper training to enable them carry out their activities as a business.

What do you think of the nudity and pornography rocking Nollywood?

Without a proper root in our cultures, we are bound to allow Western ways of life infiltrate and spoil us. Practitioners should not forget where we are. Who are we trying to emulate? Have they attempted to copy us? Let’s stay true to real African values. We can take their technology, thank you guys, but have the sense to know where to draw the lines.

What is your most valuable asset?

I would love to say my family, because they are the greatest and most prized possession in my life. I won’t refer to them as assets. Assets are material things. I don’t dignify them. Instead I use them as I deem fit, for they are vain things.

Your advice to the president on ways to curb terrorism in Nigeria.

I would ask the President to take a bold step. He should stop negotiating with terrorists. The American government does not negotiate with terrorist. I am appalled by what I see and hear about these things in Nigeria. It reeks of bitterness and intolerance. It is alright for the President to call for dialogue with them, but for how long? This is the finest reason to advance our security in terms of intelligence gathering and use of technology.

Your advice to youths and fans out there.

Youths will get old one day, so they better prepare now. They should make the best use of their youthfulness. Whatever they want to be or achieve, the starting point or time is now. Make hay while the sun shines.


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