"He Came Looking For Me With Acid"

"He Came Looking For Me With Acid"

An Oshodi Customary Court in Lagos State has dissolved the 17 years old marriage between Afusat Ogunrinde and Ibraheem Ogunrinde, noting that the couple can no longer stay together as the marriage has broken down completely after the husband’s alleged threat to his life.

Delivering the judgment, the Acting President of the Court, Mrs. R.I. Adetola, said that evidence before the court showed that Ogunrinde was a cruel husband and a threat to his family and ordered  that Afusat should have the custody of the three children as requested by the children and their mother.

“This marriage between Afusat and Ogunrinde is hereby dissolved. The parties are free to go their separate ways” Adetola said, warning the husband to visit his children peacefully without any form of harassment or trouble.

Adetola also ordered Ogunrinde to pay N6,000 monthly to the Court Registrar for the children’s upkeep, while stressing that their father should have unrestrained access to the children.

Afusat, 40, a trader, had on April 30, filed a divorce petition urging the court to dissolve her 17 year-old marriage, claiming that Ogunrinde, 52, a driver, beat her constantly because of her relationship with neighbors. Afusat had said: “My husband hates to see me make friends or relate with neighbours in our compound or around the area.

Attendance at functions All he wants is to see me stay indoors without going out, attending functions or even doing my little trading. The last time I attended a function with friends, my husband beat me and attempted to stab me with a knife before I ran out of the house to my family house.”

She noted that she reported the matter to her in-laws, but they did nothing to settle the matter until her husband sent for her to come and pack her things out of his house.

She noted: “I went with my family members to pack my things. Three days after, he came looking for me with acid, but people tipped me and I ran away. It is better we go our separate ways now before he kills me and my daughter from my first marriage.”

However, Ogunrinde, who denied allegations that he threatened his wife with an acid or knife and did not he try to sleep with his step daughter, said “I warned my wife not to relate with neighbours or keep friends in the environment but she would not listen. It is so annoying that I hear about our family matters and secrets outside our home.”

Source: Naija.ng

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