C21 Set to Mobilise Igbos for Mega Party Talks

C21 Set to Mobilise Igbos for Mega Party Talks

In what appears to be a strategic move, the South-east foremost political action platform, the C21, is set to lead top-ranking democratic politicians of Igbo stock to the ongoing mega party talks between major parties that may culminate in the formation of a mega opposition party to battle the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the 2015 general elections.

A clear indication in this direction was made known by the president of the group, Senator Annie Okonkwo, in a statement signed by his media aide, Mr Collins Steve Ugwu.

Yesterday, in the statement, Sen. Okonkwo stated, "The flourishing momentum of alliance discussions between major parties in Nigeria to meet the yearnings of Nigerians for a government that will truly govern in 2015, has a welcome window for the broad republican convictions that drive the Igbo nation's political and economic pursuits."

According to Okonkwo,"the sensitivity of all committed Igbo democrats to actualise our dream for a Nigerian president of Igbo extraction necessitates that every avenue for the articulation of this constitutional imperative must be explored creatively and pursued vigorously."

He emphasised that "after over 13 years of stifling political dominance of PDP with little or nothing as accomplishments, it is time to compel the chicken to roost by the mighty will of the people through a beautifully consummated alliances and coalitions."

Okonkwo insisted that "the presidency of this country is our collective political patrimony and therefore, the privileged access to its cockpit should be by worthy political pilots only."

According to him, "regrettably in this 13 years of rape and plunder, our deserved democratic adventure have had no smooth flights at all, as it has been characterised by cancelled flights most times, and frightening crash landings at every attempt for real take-off.

"Surely, these gyrations without movement cannot be the rhythm Nigerians invested on, because our dividends have remained dangerously on the red almost permanently."

Okonkwo therefore prayed the leading lights of the alliance talks to be conscious of their delicate redemption responsibility to Nigerians because, according to him, "they must not only make us fly now, but guarantee that we cruise till we recover lost grounds."

The C21 president then cautioned that the groundswell of public support and sentiments for this eventual merger should be seen as a capital vote for them to sink their differences and swim safely together. "This is because togetherness is political strength, and every ounce of strength they will need, if they must navigate the tempest of intrigues and manipulations that the bleeding PDP will liberally put on their way," he said.

Source: Naija.ng

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