‘Muslims Against Terror’ Denounce Murder Of 9 Women Health Workers In Kano

‘Muslims Against Terror’ Denounce Murder Of 9 Women Health Workers In Kano

In a letter received by today, a Muslim group self-described as against terror has “totally condemned” the recent murderous action against nine health workers in Unguw Uku, Kano, allegedly for attempting to vaccinate children against the scourge of polio.

The letter reads in part: “We Muslims Against Terror totally condemn and pray Masha Allah for the hasty judgement of Allah(S) upon the people who cannot be called Muslims, that killed 9 women in Unguw Uku, Kano today.

Referring to the vaccination campaign, they wrote: “We know that (Dr. Ibrahim) Datti Ahmad used to preach against vaccines, we have discussed the danger of this type of message before. You can have your distrust about vaccines, but wallahi for you to kill women delivering a service is straight into the fire and all those who direct you to do this are all in the fire!”

Polio, a virus that attacks the nervous system, crippled thousands of people every year in rich nations until the 1950s. As a result of vaccination, it is now only endemic in three countries - Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan. According to the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, there were 121 new cases of polio in Nigeria last year, compared to 58 in Pakistan and 37 in Afghanistan. "This is certainly a setback for polio eradication in Nigeria, but not a stop," said Oyewale Tomori, a campaigner for polio eradication in Nigeria.

“Even in a war,” the letter writer declared, “a Muslim has his boundaries, and this is not a war, but these people, all of whom have no Islamic learning and are merely hired assassins, paid to give Islam a stain, they kill people at will.” The writer urged other Muslims to also denounce and expose the killers, also believed to be Muslims, adding that judgment would be handed out by the Prophet himself. A full copy of the letter, signed “Brother Isa”, can be found below.

"Stop, O people, that I may give you ten rules for your guidance in the battlefield. Do not commit treachery or deviate from the right path. You must not mutilate dead bodies. Neither kill a child, nor a woman. nor an aged man. Bring no harm to the trees, nor burn them with fire, especially those which are fruitful. Slay not any of the enemy’s flock. save for your food.

AND THERE IS NO WAR! EVEN! Dear brothers, please continue doing your obligations as Muslims and exposing these rats to the security services. they are the worst of mankind, Rasul(S) said if he was here in the end time when these people are doing these barbaric acts, he, Prophet Muhammad(S) will be the first to KILL THEM himself. “A people will come out at the end of times, immature, foolish and corrupt. They will hold the discourse of the best of creation and recite Qur’an, but it will not go past their throats. They will pass through religion the way an arrow passes through its quarry. If you find them, kill them, for verily whoever kills them will have his reward from Allah the Day of Judgment.” This is our duty dear brothers, to protect our deen and expose the Munafikeens.

May Allah in his infinite mercy grant the victims the fortitude to bear the loss".

Signed: Salam Alaikum, Brother Isa

Source: Naija.ng

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