Live Commentary: Nigeria 1 - 0 Burkina Faso

Live Commentary: Nigeria 1 - 0 Burkina Faso

90'+4 NIGERIA HAVE WON THE AFRICAN CUP OF NATIONS! It's a third victory in the tournament for the Super Eagles, with Sunday Mba's goal the decider! Heartbreak for Burkina Faso, but absolute delight for Nigeria - and Enyeama celebrates the whistle by trying to lift the referee into the air!

90'+4 That will be the match - just seconds left now...

90'+3 Dagano takes it - but he's blasted it over. He simply HAD to at leat hit the target there, and he he furious with himself.


90'+1 Four extra minutes to play....

90'+1 Ideye almost works another chance for Nigeria, but it seems they've already done enough...

89' Goal hero Mba comes off, Yobo on for Nigeria.

88' Nakoulma caught offside once more as he gets onto another overhit Kabore free kick - dead ball delivery has been very poor tonight for the underdogs.

87' Another let-off for Burkina Faso as Onzai's great cross from the left finds Ideye in the six-yard box - but he's unable to guide it past Diakite and it's off for a goal kick.

86' How did Nigeria not score there? A comedy of errors between four defenders and the keeper sees both Moses and Ideye with chances to poke the loose ball home, but neither gets to it.

85' Free kick for Burkina Faso on the left - woefully overhit by Kabore and straight off. Time running out fast.

84' Dagano comes on to try and spice up Burkina Faso's attack - Koulibaly makes way for him.

82' Mikel and Ideye stand over it... Ideye takes, but it's wasted, floated well over the goal.

81' Free kick to Nigeria just outside the box as Koulibaly backs into Ideye.

80' Nigeria come up on the counter and Mba has a go from 30 yards - miles wide and right.

79' Increasing sense of desperation from Burkina Faso in their attempts to get back into the match - they won't go down without a fight.

78' Nakoulma five yards offside making a run there - that's just not helping anyone. Unless they're Nigerian.

77' Pitroipa loses the ball while trying an inside-of-the-right-heel flick - still with the tricks even with 13 minutes left of the tournament.75'Game really opening up now... A second goal seems almost certain, though there's no telling who will get it.

74' Burkina Faso charge straight up the other end - and so close to an equaliser! The two quick counter attacks leave Nigeria open at the back, and Sanou cuts in from the right to shoot. Clean effort straight at the bottom left corner, but palmed around the post by Enyeama! Stunning save!

73' Kabore curls it in - and it's cleared, Nigeria break... AND IT'S A SHOCKER BY NIGERIA! Moses's pass puts Musa in free to score, but he trips on the turf as the ball comes to him in the open, 10 yards out!

Live Commentary: Nigeria 1 - 0 Burkina Faso

73' The corner leads to a second, then a third as Ambrose heads clear.

72' Another corner now for Burkina Faso, conceded by Omeruo... Kabore to take again.


70' Corner to Burkina Faso, hit long and ends up getting headed straight off.

69' Possession stats have almost levelled out to 50-50 now - Burkina Faso pressing, Nigeria happy to play down the clock as we enter the final 20 minutes.

68' Egwuekwe comes on for the injured Echiéjilé.

67' Nice run by Moses up the right and he whips a cross in, but there's nobody there to meet it.

66' Burkina Faso end up making a change, bringing Sanou on to try and bolster their midfield.

64' Delay for an injury to Echiéjilé. Could be a sub here.

63' Kone tries a long-range effort more in hope and desperation than anything else, pulling it well wide.

62' Free kick to Burkina Faso as Ambrose chops into Pitroipa - aimed at Bance, but Mikel gets there first to head clear.

60' Burkina Faso almost create a good chance as Pitroipa blasts up the right and delivers it to Nakoulma in the box - Nakoulma's attempt to deliver it back is poor, though, and Ambrose clears.

59' Good half-chance for Burkina Faso - Kabore's ball is right on Bance's head, and his glancing header on target demands a save from Enyeama.



56' Fantastic chance for Moses! The defence opens up in front of him as he moves into the box with only Panandetiguiri and Diakite to beat... but he takes too long over it and his shot ricochets back off the encroaching Panandetiguiri.

55' Uche comes off, Musa is on for Nigeria - he picked up a knock in a tackle a few minutes ago.

54' Moses's corner is cleared by Kone, and Nakoulma is away on the counter - but his move is stopped as he ball bounces up off his hand.

53' Moses wins a corner as he tussles with Koffi - good chance for Nigeria.

52' Nigeria slowing the game down now, trying to keep the ball.

50' Bance comes up the right as Burkina Faso try to get on the front foot again, but his cross is poor, curling long and wide and straight off the pitch.

49' Even on the replay it seems amazing nobody got on to the end of that cross...

48' Great chance for Nigeria! Terrific run up the right by Uche and he smashes the ball straight across the six-yard box - but none of the Super Eagles lurking in the box can get a foot to it...

47' No half-time changes to report - Nigeria on the attack straight away...

46' The teams come back out and we're under way once more in Johannesburg.

Live Commentary: Nigeria 1 - 0 Burkina Faso


The referee blows his half-time whistle, Nigeria 1-0 Burkina Faso

45'+2 Wonderful chance again for Nigeria as Bance gives the ball away to Mba just outside the box - the Nigerian star can't keep his shot down this time.

45'+1 Two extra minutes to play.

45' Slightly unbelievably it's the first time since 2004 that someone not from Egypt has scored in the Cup of Nations final!

44' Bance intercepts Obobona's clearance and has a crack from just outside the box - struck beautifully on the half-volley, but again he fails to keep it down.

43' Great work by Pitroipa as he charges into the box, wins the ball well and looks back for support - it's not there so he tries to go alone, but Obobona steps in to clear.

42' Lovely move by Burkina Faso as Bance heads for Nakoulma, who almost lobs Enyeama - but Nakoulma is ruled offside.

41' Absolutely brilliant finish by Mba - Nigeria have had very few clearcut chances, but are just about value for their lead.


38' The free kick finds Kone beyond the far post, but he goes for goal rather than heading back into the six-yard box - probably the wrong choice, but still a decent chance for Burkina Faso even as the ball slips past the right post.


37' Burkina Faso right-back Koffi heads back to Diakite under pressure from Moses - safely done and there's no opening.

36' It's being played at a steady pace so far - almost as if both sets of players are only too ready for it to go to extra time.

34' Uche unlucky not to get Nigeria a free kick outside the box as he's bundled aside by Kone. Good refereeing, letting the game flow well so far.


32' Panandetiguiri almost forces a corner but Ambrose shepherds the ball off safeely without touching it.

31' Nigeroa have had 59% of the ball so far - but underdogs Burkina Faso coming in to it much more.

30' Another half chance for Nigeria as Uche so nearly puts Ambrose in on goal - but Kone scrabbles back to clear it.

29' Free kick to Nigeria now as Rouamba was fouled.

28' Bance hits it, smashing it low and wide to the left of the goal. A bit of a scuffy one.

27' Free kick to Burkina Faso, 35 yards out... Bance to take.

26' Kabore and Panandetiguiri almost work an opening, but the Nigeria defence closes in.

25' Bance collects a high ball on his chest, spins to make space to shoot and has a lash from 30 yards. Nice strike but high, and it gets half-way up seating.

25' Bance collects a high ball on his chest, spins to make space to shoot and has a lash from 30 yards. Nice strike but high, and it gets half-way up seating.

24' Burkina Coach Paul Put looking on unconcernedly - he must know that even to have got this far represents a huge success for his men.

23' Free kick to Burkina Faso as Nakoulma is fouled by Henry Traore.

22' Nigeria still bossing the game at the moment, keeping the ball very well.

21' Panandetiguiri wins a foul from Uche as the two tussle for a ball - first decision that's gone against Nigeria tonight.

19′ Good goalkeeping from Diakite!! Moses bursts down the left-hand side and fizzes a teasing cross into the area but the Burkina Faso 'keeper comes out to claim the ball with a diving save. That almost broke to Ideye on the edge of the area!

17′ Mikel flashes a pass into the feet of Ideye but the Dynamo Kyiv man breaks down the move with a poor touch a couple of yards inside the box. The Super Eagles are probing for the opening goal here!

Live Commentary: Nigeria 1 - 0 Burkina Faso

15′ Pitroipa picks up the ball in a great position 20 yards from goal and attempts to thread a pass through the middle for Bance, but the ball is just overhit and Nigeria get the goal kick.

14′ Nigeria have settled the better of the two sides here. Moses, in particular, looks like the man most likely to make something happen out there.

12′ Ambrose drives forward again and looks to slip a pass through to Uche. He picks up possession but the Burkina Faso backline step out and the Nigerian is flagged as offside.

10′ IDEYE BROWN!!!! Nigeria miss a great chance!!! A corner kick is whipped in and Diakite comes to claim but drops the ball!! Brown is there and has the whole goal to aim at, but blasts his attempt over the bar!

8′ Moses gets to the byline and lashes a cross into the box but Kone is there to clear the ball out for a Nigeria corner, which the Chelsea player will take.

6′ Moses floats in the free kick, and Ambrose rises high to power a header at goal. However, his attempt goes just over the bar and does not bother Diakite in the Burkina Faso goal.

5′ Free kick to Nigeria in a promising position. Pitroipa brings down Ideye Brown 25 yards from goal. Victor Moses will take the set-piece...

4′ John Obi Mikel has had the most assists of the Africa Cup of Nations nations so far. Let's see if he can provide any more for the Nigeria frontline this evening.

3′ Nigeria make a positive start to the match. Efe Ambrose attempts to go on a signature run down the right-hand side but loses the ball in the final third. Burkina Faso retain possession.

2' Efe Ambrose makes a darting run down the right flank and sends in a cross that is easily handled by Burkina Faso keeper. An early foray by Nigeria

19:22 Both sides are lining up for the national anthems, in the presence of FIFA president Sepp Blatter.

19:19 Here we go, the players are preparing to enter the pitch.

Live Commentary: Nigeria 1 - 0 Burkina Faso

19:00 It seems the match will go ahead at 19:30 rather than 19:00.

18:40 The players are warming up just a few minutes before the game.

Welcome to live coverage of the 2013 African Nations Cup final between Nigeria and Burkina Faso.

Live Commentary: Nigeria 1 - 0 Burkina Faso


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