"How My Dad Was Murdered" - Chief Onimole's Daughter

"How My Dad Was Murdered" - Chief Onimole's Daughter

Chief Kayode Adesina Onimole, the Lagos white-cap chief, was murdered in his home on Thursday last week. Princess Adedolapo Onimole Akinola, his first child, fights back tears as she recounts how her dad, 73, was murdered in his bedroom in the wee hours of that day.

"How My Dad Was Murdered" - Chief Onimole's Daughter


"We weren't living with my dad. He lived with our mother and my own children. On that day, my cousin, Damola, and my sister's child were with him and our mother at home. According to Damola, the assassins arrived about 3am and broke into the house. Some of them made straight for our dad's bedroom and tried to force it open. Immediately our dad noticed that someone was forcefully opening his bedroom door, he made frantic attempts to flee. As he dashed out, the assailants confronted him and held him down.

"Two of the assailants had already seized our cousin in his room and were demanding for money, even after collecting his phones. While the two men were harassing him, Damola said a gunshot rang out, followed by our dad's faint cry for help. He said he could not rush out to assist our dad since the two men still held him. He kept telling them he didn't have money to give them.

"After finishing their assignment, Damola said they quickly bolted after locking all of them inside the house. He said immediately they fled, he rushed out of his room to find out what was amiss. But soon he heard the assailants' footsteps again rushing back to the house.

"But before they could again force the entrance door open, he said he quickly jumped over our dad, who was lying helplessly on the floor, and dashed to the toilet where he hid himself. He said at that point, he heard one of them saying: 'This boy has escaped ooo! Let us flee on time.' And that was when they finally left.

"According to Damola, the assailants couldn't have been robbers because they didn't ask dad for money. They actually came to kill him."

Tears rolling down her checks, Akinola manages to recall the last moment she shared with her father.

"I spoke with him two days before he was killed. I didn't notice anything about him being upset with anything or anybody. He was a very decent man. He didn't fight over anything. He was a Christian, though a traditional chief. He was such a good man – honest and straightforward, a very plain fellow.

"He did't compromise his honesty and was not deceptive in any manner. Most people in the community, the church and beyond knew him as a very honest man. He never struggled with anybody for anything, be it land or chieftaincy title. He never dragged any issues with anyone, as he was a gentleman to the core. He was 73."

Amid tears, she speaks about how her father was made the Onimole of Lagos, a white-cap chief.

"As the Onimole of Lagos, my father was one of the Ogaalades – a council chief of Oba Rilwanu Akinolu.

"He had his own class; he belonged to the white-cap category. My father didn't have any grudge against anybody that I knew of."

She also speaks about how her mother, Queen Matilda Kehinde Onimole, had been reacting to the development.

"My parents were one. They were just one soul in two bodies. But since the incident happened, she had placed her hope in God. And God has been taking control of everything because He always takes control of things.

"My dad was very caring of us. He was also very friendly and open. There was nothing he did or that anyone did to him that we didn't know about because he always told us things; he always carried us along. We have only one male among us his children; he is Okanlawon Onimole."

"My dad always told us whatever anyone did to him. Even if you gave him money or offended him, he always told us about it. We do not suspect anybody regarding his murder because he didn't tell us he had a rift or any unsettled matter with anyone. We are leaving everything to God.

"We want God to take control of things. He had been the Onimole of Lagos for about 11 years now and everyone around loved his reign. His other colleagues in the Oba's council are feeling terrible about the development because it was sudden and tragic.

"My father was pillar in Yorubaland. We will all miss him because he was a hero, not only to us his children and his colleagues in the palace but to everyone around. I thank God for the kind of life he lived. I don't believe he has died; I believe God has taken his soul away but he is still with us. That we know because we love him so much and we will never forget him because he did a lot for us."

Source: Naija.ng

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