G37 Denies Plan To Form New Political Party

G37 Denies Plan To Form New Political Party

The G37 has denied media reports that it is planning to form a new political party during its last meeting. The group also denied ever discussing or deliberating on the single term agenda pact which President Goodluck Jonathan had with some state governors during the said meeting.

There were media reports yesterday that the G37, a new political group with members drawn from among the nation’s eminent politicians, had been formed. Headed by former governor of Abia State, Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu, the G37 was said to have an array of over 200 politicians.

In a statement made available to Daily Sun in Abuja by the Chairman, Publicity Committee of the G37, Senator Emmanuel Onwe, the group said “a press report about our group, G37, was leaked to the media yesterday.

“Given the slant and false impression that the story gave, we believe that it is important and expedient to clarify the relevant issues and let the world know precisely who we are and what we stand for.

“The G37 comprises politicians, professionals and businessmen from all over the country who have an interest in the unfolding political scenario in our country and who seek to make an input in the development of Nigeria.

“We are non-partisan, which means that our members and leaders are drawn from all the major political parties and indeed, some of our members are not in any party at all.

“We have created a strong platform where Nigerians from every part of the country and from all the various political divides can sit together and discuss national issues, forge national unity and cohesion and help our country to move forward.

“Every state of our country is well represented in the group and we are not affiliated to any political party even though most of our members are playing a leading role in all the major political parties that exist in Nigeria today.

It is not our intention to form a new political party and neither did we ever discuss or deliberate about the single term agenda in our last meeting,” the statement read. While disclosing that the mission statement of the group would soon be released and at the appropriate time, new leaders would be elected to lead the group.

Onwe further said, “the present leadership is merely an interim arrangement.”

The statement further read: “It is not the style of our group to go running to the press on every issue because most of our work, meetings and deliberations are done in the strictest privacy and confidence and are held behind the scenes.

“We intend to make our input to national development in a very unique and innovative way and we will discuss and make appropriate comments on various national issues from time to time when we see fit.

“We have had numerous meetings in the last few months and judging from the increased attendance at each of them and the massive interest that has been shown in the group by leaders and people from all over the country, we shall surely flourish and go from strength to strength.

“We consider what we are doing as being vital to the development of our nation and we call on the finest and most brilliant minds in the land to join us and make their own input to the restoration and development of our great country. Our doors are open to all and our primary mission is to join our efforts with others from across party lines to move Nigeria forward,” the statement added.

Source: Naija.ng

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