25-Year-Old Woman Poses As A Young Boy To Seduce Teenage Girls

25-Year-Old Woman Poses As A Young Boy To Seduce Teenage Girls

A woman pretended to be a boy  so she could seduce a 15-year-old virgin, a court heard yesterday.

Christine Wilson told the girl she was a man called Chris.

The High Court in Edinburgh heard that the teenager fell in love with ‘Chris’ and in 2010 agreed to sleep with her.

But the girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, eventually discovered that Chris was Christine and that she had been conned into losing her virginity with the woman.

Police who were investigating Wilson, 25, discovered it was not the first time she had tricked a girl.

The court heard that in 2008, Wilson had a sexual relationship with another teenager – and that she had again posed as a man.

The girl, who was also aged 15 when they met in Aberdeen, dumped Wilson after  seeing a copy of the photograph contained in Wilson’s passport.

The story emerged following a hearing at the High Court in Edinburgh at which Wilson, of Aberdeen, pleaded guilty to two charges of obtaining sexual intimacy from two girls by fraud.

Judge Lord Bannatyne deferred sentence for reports.

Prosecution lawyer Jane Farquharson said Wilson was introduced to her first victim by a mutual friend shortly before her 16th birthday in 2008.

They exchanged phone numbers, began texting each other and started having ‘sexual contact’ at addresses in Aberdeen.

She added: ‘The complainer believed Wilson to be a boy aged 17 years old. There was sexual contact – initially, kissing and cuddling but things progressed over the course of the three months.’

However, the girl learned of rumours that her ‘boyfriend’ was actually a woman. Miss Farquharson said: ‘The complainer did not believe this gossip, primarily because of their physical intimacy.

‘In August 2008, however, the complainer was contacted by a girl from Stonehaven who advised her she had seen the accused’s passport and confirmed the accused was female.’

A copy of Wilson’s passport was emailed to the girl, who then confronted Wilson.

She admitted to her pretence and the girl ended their relationship.

When Wilson was interviewed by police in October 2011, she admitted having a relationship with the girl and presenting herself as a boy throughout, and accepted that she did not allow the girl to do anything to her that might disclose her gender.

Wilson met the second girl at the end of March 2010 and they began having sex later in the year.

She had told Wilson that she was 16 years old – and the court heard that Wilson believed her.

Miss Farquharson told the court Wilson used a sex toy to persuade her second victim that she was a boy. She added: ‘This was the  complainer’s first experience of what she thought had been sexual intercourse and both declared their love for each other. The complainer felt having had sex with the accused made their relationship stronger.

‘The complainer had what she believed to be sexual intercourse on one further conviction. Again this intimacy was described to be under the covers so they did not see each other naked.’

The victim eventually discovered that Wilson was a girl in August 2010 when police investigating  Wilson contacted her.

Miss Farquharson said: ‘Police confirmed the accused was in fact female. This news shocked the complainer, who found it difficult to believe it was true.

‘On finding out the accused’s true identity, the complainer struggled to come to terms with the accused’s deceit.’

Miss Farquharson said Wilson had been described as the girl’s first love and the girl’s parents had described their daughter as being ‘besotted’ with Wilson.

She added: ‘The accused was interviewed in respect of this offence on August 17, 2010.

She accepted the complainer did not realise she was a girl nor did she do anything to disavow the complainer of the notion that she was male.’

Defence advocate Shelagh McCall told the court her client has gender identity disorder and hopes to undergo reassignment therapy in the future.

Source: Naija.ng

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