Ladipo Market May Be Relocated

Ladipo Market May Be Relocated

The Lagos State Government, southwest Nigeria says it may be forced to relocate Ladipo Auto Spare Parts Market if the traders renege on the agreement that they will not degrade the environment in the area.

Ladipo Market May Be Relocated

The government announced the re-opening of the market on Monday after it signed an agreement with the traders to keep the market in good condition. But the Aguiyi Ironsi International Trade Centre, which has 2,232 auto spare parts shops remained shut until a resolution is reached with Mushin Local Government.

Taskforce Chairman, Bayo Sulaiman said the delay in re-opening of the Aguiyi Ironsi International Trade Centre has to do with unresolved revenue payment between traders in the market and Mushin Local Government as well as hooliganism in the market. According to him, until these issues were resolved, the centre would remain shut, adding that government would ensure that the market was properly organised.

It was at the Aguiyi Ironsi International Market that 10 suspected Bakassi Boys’ were arrested by taskforce officials on the day the market was shut by the state government two weeks ago. Also, at a tripartite meeting held at the Conference Room, Ministry of the Environment, which had in attendance, the Chairman, Mushin Local Government and the Traders’ Association, it was agreed that the market would be relocated if the traders breached the agreement reached with government.

At yesterday’s meeting chaired by the Commissioner for the Environment, Mr. Tunji Bello, it was agreed that there shall be proper security arrangement in the market which shall be acceptable to the government and the cost shall be borne by the traders and that there shall be non-encroachment on the drainage right of way. It was also agreed that the canal shall be properly fenced and that there should be no dumping of refuse into the canal and that there shall be no illegal trading activities in and around the market environment.

The traders agreed with the government that all statutory revenues and fees shall be payable to Mushin Local Government and other relevant government agencies regularly, while no mechanic workshop shall operate on any access roads leading to the market. In addition only one-side parking shall be operated by the traders as failure to adhere to the stipulated conditions and agreement shall compel the government to relocate the traders from the present location.

It was further agreed that the traders shall patronise the Lagos State Waste Management Authority, LAWMA, appointed Public Sector Participation, PSP, operators and pay service charges promptly. The traders further agreed with government that the Ladipo Central Executive Committee, LACEC, should be empowered to ensure compliance by all the traders in the market and that all purported allocations and permits around the canal setbacks are nullified.

The market was shut on 25 February, 2013 following flagrant abuse of sanitation laws, including indiscriminate dumping of refuse inside drainage channels, engine parts and wares in drainage channels, construction of stalls on drainage alignments, conversion of market roads for trading and blocking access roads with spare parts, derelicts and abandoned vehicles, thereby making the network of roads within the market inaccessible to motorists.

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