71-Year-Old Man Repeatedly Rapes 9-Year-Old Boy

71-Year-Old Man Repeatedly Rapes 9-Year-Old Boy

A nine-year-old boy was sexually abused by a pensioner at a  park after his mother refused to believe he was being assaulted and sent him back to his attacker.

George Victor Hughes, 71, groomed and assaulted the boy at the caravan park where they both lived in Furness, Cumbria, on three occasions.

The defendant, who is disabled due to childhood polio, befriended the young boy, taking him out in his special mobility vehicle and to the cinema. He showed him porn and sex toys he kept in his home.

Miss Zoe Nield, prosecuting, told the court Hughes' victim, who is now 58, had a violent, alcoholic father and a mother who physically and sexually abused him.

Miss Nield said the victim's mum would often lock him out of their caravan and, on the night of the first incident, told him to go and stay in the defendant's caravan. When he got into bed Hughes got in with him and performed a sex act on him.

When the boy went home and told his mother, she said he was making it up and tried to send him back, resulting in him sleeping under her caravan. When he tried to tell her again the following day, she said he was exaggerating.

Miss Nield then told the court about two more occasions when, despite his protestations, the victim was sent back to Hughes' caravan and similar incidents occurred, although the second occasion involved an act of a more serious nature.

In each case, the defendant had given the victim Babycham. The court heard how the victim had struggled throughout his life as a result, and finally went to the police after receiving counselling.

Hughes, of Barrow, appeared for sentencing yesterday after admitting three charges of indecent assault following the incidents between March 1964 and February 1966.

Sentencing Hughes to four years in prison at Barrow Crown Court , Judge Beverley Lunt told Hughes: 'There is only one victim here who merits sympathy and it's not you.

'The offences took place a very long time ago - 48 years - he's had to live with that every day.

'You, meanwhile, have been leading a life with a reputation as a decent man, which is wholly undeserved.'

Miss Nield also shared police intelligence suggesting Hughes showed a 'concerning interest' in children as recently as 2007, when he was said to have watched youngsters play in various Barrow parks and offered them money to push him in his wheelchair.

Last summer, he was banned from a cinema after asking an 11-year-old girl to shake his hand.

Mr Gareth James, defending, said Hughes admitted his guilt at the first opportunity, he added, and argued his age and disability meant he posed little threat to children now.

Source: Naija.ng

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