Rugby Player Accused Of Peeing On His Body

Rugby Player Accused Of Peeing On His Body

An Australian rugby player caused a stink after being accused of peeing on himself to put opponents off tackling him.But he has now been cleared of the charges after authorities accepted  his assertion that he'd merely poured water onto his groin.

The story was 'leaked' - along with an incriminating photograph that you probably ought not to click on   to the Australian Daily Telegraph by the Illawarra District Rugby Union after they received a complaint about the Avondale player.

The complaint alleged that the player  a centre  relieved himself in his shorts during a local league match against the Vikings in an effort to dissuade his rivals from getting close enough to bring him down.

Vikings club president Mark McDonald wrote a furious letter of complaint that sparked an investigation into the unnamed player, who has been accused of pulling the same trick several times in the past. "He's denied the claim and there has to be a presumption of innocence," IDRU chairman Peter Wood told the lllawarra Mercury.

"He had wet shorts, but there’s no evidence to back up claims the wetness was urine. If someone had made a statement saying they tackled the bloke and he stunk of urine then we’d look at it, but (the player) has denied what is alleged."

McDonald's original letter said that the player should be penalised either way, however:

"It is either evidence that the player has urinated in his shorts immediately prior to the commencement of the game, or has applied some liquid to that area of his shorts so as to provide the same inference," McDonald wrote. "Either way, such conduct is contrary to the spirit of the game and in contravention of items 8 and 9 of the IDRU Code of Conduct."

His letter also failed to mention that it's just plain mucky. However, we're impressed that this situation is covered in not one, but two items of the IDRU Code of Conduct. Will this be the end of story? It seems not, since an official of another local club told the Mercury that the player was famous locally for peeing in his shorts.

"It’s happened in the past and he’s obviously played up to it since," he told the paper on condition of anonymity. "It doesn’t surprise me to see something being made of it again now."That original incident became water under the bridge when Avondale promised to tell the player to tie a knot in it, but the guilty party seems unlikely to get away with it should he repeat his antics.


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