Ladies, Commit One Of These Relationship Crimes, And Get Ready To Be Single

Ladies, Commit One Of These Relationship Crimes, And Get Ready To Be Single

Ladies, if you’re in a hurry to lose the man you love you need not try any further I have the perfect tips for you. Women need to realise that relationships are not all about late night dates and cuddling up in bed. It is work, hard work to keep a man. Sadly, women tend to sabotage their relationships without knowing.

Ladies, Commit One Of These Relationship Crimes, And Get Ready To Be Single

If you commit one of these relationship crimes, sister get ready to be single.

Put him down: What is love? Love is respect. Okay, so you have all the swag, and he is a little slow in getting the combination right, do you need to make a fuse about it? You can teach him in privacy and with respect.

He might have scruffy looking boxers and some annoying habits that may put you off some times well what I would say is , if you can’t teach him, and you can’t tolerate it please pack you bag and go, you would sure be creating a good vacancy for another lady.

Drum about the future: The last time I checked it is a man who proposes and not the woman, however, today’s women seem to be driving the marriage and future car faster than the men are. Hey, you do not need to push him for marriage; because you may just be pushing him out of the relationship.

Unnecessary pressure, especially about commitments, makes many men freak out. Forget about the plans, just focus on making your relationship a good one and trust me he will stay.

Get too busy: with the aid of social media and technology, communication has been made very easy. So it baffles me when women complain they are too busy to keep in touch with their man. Hello, you go to the loo, you eat, you sleep, if those are fundamental then your relationship is also as fundamental.

My take is this, the moment a woman begins to complain of being too busy then know she is getting ready to move on. You do not expect him to keep calling, checking up on you while you are being busy…

Make your relationship a public affair with your friends: In a bid to flaunt your man, you might just be selling him out. Stop blabbing about your man to your friends. Once a relationship is serious, there are certain things you do not reveal to your closest friends. Why would you tell your friends your boyfriend snores in bed or screams when he comes?

You should not even tell how good or bad the sex is – what happens behind closed doors, stays behind closed doors. Chit chatting about your man could make him more appealing to a flirty friend and trust me she would use to information you freely dished to get you single again.

Keep assuming rather than asking: I am yet to understand why women always assume the man should know. That a man is in a relationship with you does not mean he was born with a brain track of all your thoughts and desires. Women fume when they expect and do not get and yet they do not ask.

Quit assuming, men are more rational than emotional and might not notice those things you term sensitive except you bring it to his notice. If he has not taken you on a date in a while, ask; do not assume he is cheating. It puts a man off when you bring up a fight over something he is not conscious of. Note. A lot of assumptions would sure lead to disruptions.

Become a detective: What is the point of making yourself the watchdog of your man? If he needed a detective, I am sure he would have employed one. Checking on a man’s phone log, text messages, and IMs is so uncalled for and unnecessary. Remember that what you do not know cannot kill you. Moreover, it suggests you are highly insecure. Trust me, become a detective and you would soon be the culprit.

Starve him in bed: If you want to be over with the man you are dating then get lousy in bed. Most women tend to think that sex is a weapon to deal with a man.

What they need to know: a man will move on if he is not satisfied with the sex or if you keep making him beg for it. I would recommend you give him a great time, then make your demands. Works like magic. In line, a woman is ideally the romantic one and the man the pounding one, if you want to lose him, try neglecting your romantic duties.

Become too demanding: He is your lover not your money dispensing machine or your financial problem solving institute. That he loves you does not mean you should enslave him. A man appreciates a woman who is self-sufficient to an extent.

Don’t get it wrong, I am not saying you can’t ask for some things if you are sure it’s within his power, but demanding he meets every of your primary needs is such a huge wrong.

Do not quit talking: I personally find it unbearable when a woman talks too much. Men sure do not like too much talking. It is cool to have a good conversation but learn when to hit the breaks.

Generally, learning the art of listening is something every woman must do. There must be a reason why we have two ears and only one mouth. Cheat on him: When it comes to cheating, ladies appear to be more forgiving, than most men. He finds out you’re getting down with another guy? He’s most likely taking a walk! Don’t expect that because our society is tolerant to cheating men, you too can cut side shows.

Know this: If you ever get caught, he will dump you.


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