Does Casual Sex Screw Up Emotional Intimacy?

Does Casual Sex Screw Up Emotional Intimacy?

The experts are buzzing about the kids and their sloppy sex morals again. What does it all mean?

There was an article a few days ago titled, "Sex Without Intimacy: No Dating, No Relationships" and as the headline suggests, it's another one of these "think pieces" where we're all supposed to analyze whether or not stable, long-term, monogamous relationships are on the way out due to our degenerate bed-hopping. S

ex Prevents ED Those are our words and not theirs, but whenever we read one of these it's always the same thing:

a) kids are very into casual sex

b) nobody goes on traditional "dates" anymore

c) but what does it all mean?

In our opinion, a whole bunch of nothing. Sure, we may rack up more sexual partners than our parents, but people generally still want to fall in love and get married. Sure, it might be at an older age, but even the article admits that this has a lot to do with higher education and career aspirations. Not casual sex.

Their theory is that women and their newfounded sexual liberation might be stunting a man's capacity for intimacy. Ultimately, social researchers wonder if women morphing into sexual men turns us into a society of horny dudes. It is, however, possible that the sex before love, love before sex might get reversed.

Afterall, in some circles waiting too long to seal the deal is reason for dismissal—it takes all types, and everyone has their own unique idea of "the right time." Date Discussion DOs and DON’Ts The most interesting thing culled from this article, however, was a rundown on how dating has evolved. Traditionally women would court suitors "under the watchful eye of a chaperon" at their place.

Going out on traditional dinner dates first became popular with the poor at the turn of the century, when their homes were "not suitable for entertaining." The article also pinpoints American sluttery originating in the 1960s and 70s when college dorms became co-ed. Sprinkle in alcohol, free love and 18-year-old hormones and viola—we as a culture haven't been the same since.


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