"Give Me My First Child" Man Cries In Court

"Give Me My First Child" Man Cries In Court

The premises of Agege Grade A customary court suddenly became  a battlefield as a couple rained curses on themselves.  The 35-year old man begged the court to grant him the custody of a child whose mother said did not belong to him.

Lukman Fatoki told the court that he impregnated Latifat Olasunwon shortly before she married another man and gave birth to a boy in the middle of 2002. Fatoki said that Latifat left his house around Nov. 2001, adding that he didn’t see her again until five years after,that is, 2007.

The carpenter, who lives at no 17, Seriki Street, Alagbado, Lagos told the court that Latifat came back after she had lived with another man and said the pregnancy she had for him was the little boy she came with. ”We started living together as husband and wife, she was pregnant and had a baby girl in 2008″,the petitioner said in his evidence-in-chief.

”When the child was a year old, Latifat left my house and went back to her ex- husband. ”It was later she told me that the first pregnancy was not mine, that it was for her ex- husband.” He told the court that the child resembles him, adding that the former wife wanted to rob him of the child because the other man was richer than him. ”

My children know that I am their father, my son used to come to my house but, of recent, their mother has poisoned their minds against me. ”Meanwhile, Latifat did not deny me of the second child because she got pregnant and delivered the child in my house, it is only the first born which is a boy that i am being robbed of.

”Because I am now married, I rented a house for her, when she had a misunderstanding with the man. It was later I heard that she was bringing all manner of men to the house. ”I am ready for  paternity test, I want the custody of the two children.”

The mother of two, Latifat, 32, denied the allegations, and said the journey was not smooth, adding that she was a victim of circumstance. ” I met Lukman in 1998.We lived together until  2002; we had no issue then. I left his house because he used to beat me”,she narrated ” I got married to another man in late 2002 and delivered my first child in 2003.

” I left my husband’s house to Fatoki when we had a misunderstanding and delivered my second child for Fatoki in 2008. ”I later left Fatoki’s house because he maltreated me, he did not care for me and the little child. ”I went back to my ex- husband after the family settled the misunderstanding we had, now Fatoki wants to claim my first child ”Mr Olasunwon owns the first child not Fatoki”.

Mr Emmanuel Shokunle, the court president, said that there was need for paternity test. He, therefore, adjourned the case till March 25 for further hearing.

Source: Naija.ng

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