Soldier Catches Wife Having Sex With Married Boyfriend

Soldier Catches Wife Having Sex With Married Boyfriend

There was drama when a 49-year-old married woman was caught red-handed having sex with her 24-year-old boyfriend in the wee hours of last Thursday morning.

The married woman, Nyemudzai Paunganwa was not remorseful as many would have expected as her husband, a soldier based in Harare, Zimbabwe thoroughly bashed the 24-year-old Innocent Mufute.

When our News Crew arrived at the scene, Mutufe was still scantly dressed with bloodshots spatted on the upper part of his bodyand evidently in pain after being unpityingly thrashed. Typical of incidents of similar nature, a crowd had gathered outside scrambling to catcha glimpse of the unfolding drama.

In an interview, Themba Paunganwa, who works in Harare and has been married for 33 years, said he was alerted about the illicit affair by Mufute's wife. He said several neighbours and friends also alerted him about the affair.

"I was alerted by this young man's wife. She bitterly complained that my wife was now wrecking her marriage. I also received calls from neighbours and friends who saw the two together. I took my time to set a trap so that I would have concrete evidence. Now that I had taken sometime without coming home, I knew she thought she would do whatever she wanted. In fact I was recently told that this young man is now staying at my house and sleeping on my bed.

"When I came this time around, I was alerted that the two were together at my house. I enlisted the services of four men to surround the house around 4am. I forced the door open and found them in bed like a husband and wife," said the irate 'gunman'.

Surprisingly, his wife unconvincingly denied the affair.

"I don't know anything about it. I am not in love with him and I just know him as a relative of my tenants here. I have nothing more to say to you," claimed a rather hostile Nyemudzai, who is said to be a senior member of an Apostolic Sect.

In a separate interview, Mufute pleaded guilty but said he met Nyemudzai in a bar and she told him that she was already divorced.

"I met her at a local bar and we fell in love. She told me that she was divorced. We were in love since November last year. I am married and my wife is not around at the moment, but we are still together. She visited her rural home recently," said Mufute who was madly in love with a woman likely to be the same age with his own mother.

Paunganwa also confirmed that he had a stormy relationship with his wife.

"I married in 1981 upon my return from the war of liberation and we sired six children together. We had problems mainly because she sometimes turned violent after having a misunderstanding," he said.

The 24-year-old Mufute was staying at his 49-year-old lover's house, a close neighbour has confirmed.


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