Tears As Bus Driver Kills Five-Year-Old Boy In Lagos

Tears As Bus Driver Kills Five-Year-Old Boy In Lagos

For many Christians families, Sunday is not just a holy day that believers should abide by God’s instruction of keeping the Sabbath day holy by going to church for worship, it is a day they least expect tragedies to happened. Tragedy, however, has no respect, not even for holy days.

The family of Adeyomi woke up March 10, 2013 on a bright note. The family members, made up of three generations, went to church and returned home. As the day gradually while away, they started preparing for the new week. But at about 6 p.m., death paid them a visit and took away their five-year-old son.

The young child, David Adeyomi, was ran over by a speeding bus right in front of his parent’s house in a case of hit-and-run accident.

The tragedy plunged the family into mourning. Currently, the family’s home at No 30 Adekoroye Street, Ejigbo, Lagos, has become a place sympathizers troop to in large number to commiserate with the bereaved couple.

The late David, first son of a family of two children, was a pupil of Godswill International School, Ejigbo before his life was cut short by death. Few minutes before the accident, the Nursery two pupil was said to be eating.

Thirsty, he went outside to buy a sachet of water in a shop opposite their house. The fleeting moment between crossing the street to the other side was all it took for death to sneak up on him and snuff out his life.

Before anybody can say Jack Robinson, his body was lying lifeless on the road, smashed down by a bus right in front of the house. Despite spirited efforts made by neighbours by rushing him to a nearby hospital, the victim was immediately confirmed dead by the doctor.

The driver whose identity remained unknown took to his heels as soon as the tragedy occurred. He was said to have hired the bus to help convey his equipment and instruments to an event where he was engaged to perform as a DJ.

The occasion was taking place at the street next to the scene of the accident. After his disappearance, an irate mob vented its anger by vandalizing his bus which contained the instruments and equipment, such as a generator and loudspeaker among others.

The bereaved family has been trying to take the shocking occurrence in good faith. “I got the shock of my life when I was informed of the incident,” father of the deceased, Michael Adeyomi, lamented. Pastor  James Adeyomi, grandfather of the deceased, who was a few metres away when the sad accident happened, recaptured the tragic moment:

“ On Sunday after the service the boy was eating while I was outside at the other side of the house. Suddenly, I heard the outcry of neighbours. They were all shouting David,” he recounted.

Affirming that the boy was confirmed dead by the time they arrived at the hospital, he said other neighbours went to report the incident to the police to which the police promptly responded by coming to the scene of the incident.

By the time the policemen returned to their station, they met the driver of the bus already there, having gone there on his own volition to report himself. He was subsequently detained and his vandalized bus towed to the police station.

Attempts made by Sunday Express to get further information about the suspect was rebuffed by the police.

The man who lost his grandson however avowed that the family is not interested in pursuing any case against the driver, a position he averred had been conveyed to the police. “I am a pastor; and there is no need holding any case against anybody; we have handed over everything to God.”

He said further: “I don’t see anyway the driver could have been speeding on that road considering the bad state of the road which is full of pot holes, this is what made the death of the boy more mysterious to me,” the grandfather reflected. Bola Onasanya, a photographer who lives on the street, spoke with SE, he said:

”The death of the boy is a painful one, because the boy is loved by everyone on the street; though stubborn, but loved by everyone because of his funny character. ”

Currently, the mother of the deceased child has traveled to Badagry to stay with her mother-in-law to get over the trauma of losing her son.

Source: Naija.ng

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