How Lagos Pub Owner Died Mysteriously

How Lagos Pub Owner Died Mysteriously

The Lagos socialite popularly known as Asake was announced to have died on Sunday March 9, 2013 at the Ikeja General Hospital, Ikeja Lagos.

The ever bubbly lady who owned and ran the self titled popular Ikeja pub, Asake, located on Joel Ogunaike Street, GRA, Ikeja died after battling a strange illness for months. Sources close to the deceased say she had been sick for months and from what doctors initially explained as a kidney infection.

‘She stopped coming to the bar for sometime now and we were only told that she was sick. It was later that we now heard that she was having kidney problem‘, said one of the ladies that owns a shop in the same complex as Asake.

The deceased seriously lost weight, her skin had became pale and was bedridden for the last few weeks before she eventually passed on. And some sources say Asake’s ailment may have been spiritually orchestrated. A source who claims to be an associate of Asake’s only son, Michael, told that her family had gone to different sources for help but to no avail.

‘Even the family could not tell exactly what was wrong with her or the source of the illness. They had taken her to different churches seeking for healing but nothing changed‘, the source said. ‘The kidney problem didn’t kill her, it’s the stroke that that she had that dealt the final blow‘, our source continued.

On Friday, March 15, the pub was a total wreck. The furniture were lying outside and abandoned while the doors were smashed and off the hinges. The place had been like that for weeks even before Asake’s death.

A security man at the complex who gave his name as James told, ‘Last month it seemed as if Asake was getting better, and so there was a need for renovations. It was while the renovation was going on, that she finally died, so all work just stopped.

‘The security man also told that Asake’s son Michael who had been around the premises that same day could be found at the nearby hotel The Cave which was located on the same street. Getting to the hotel, Michael’s telephone number was handed out. When journalists called, a first voice refused to answer all of the questions, with a repeated ‘I don’t know’ answer.

Then a second voice took the phone and said, ‘wrong number’ and then dropped the call. As at press time, none of her neighbours was ready to disclose her actual residence or where her family could be located. The son, we gathered, lives in Ajah.

No details yet on burial plans.


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