Kenyans Vs Nigerian's Via Twitter

Kenyans Vs Nigerian's Via Twitter

After exclusive images of the poor training condition that Kenya’s Harambee Stars endured early on Thursday morning, citizens of the east African country responded via Twitter they lashing out at the west Africans.

The Harambee Stars had a work out at the Ajao Estate Primary School, Oshodi on Wednesday evening ahead of their match against the Super Eagles on Saturday.

Photographs of the Kenyans running on the dusty grounds of the school were retweeted all over the country as the east Africans got angry at the situation of their countrymen.

Swiftly, the topic #SomeonetellNigerians began to trend on the social networking site with many Kenyans weighing in with their thoughts.

We reproduce some of the top tweets below:

@Sewe450: #SomeoneTellNigeria we can throw stones from Kenya and break that African Cup of Nation Trophy

@saints_vj: #SomeoneTellNigeria their plane will land at Liboi then they walk to Nairobi

@okweroh : They will Train in Mandera before taking a pickup truck to Nairobi. Just wait #SomeOneTellNigeria

@Obkerry: #SomeoneTellNigeria That Kenya is a respected country...And we have training grounds not those "Nigerian Acting Villages" Respect us

@jacksobaff: #SomeoneTellNigeria. They will land in Tharaka Nithi and play against our strongholds and board Miraa pickups to Nairobi

@Kisenyajesse: #someonetellnigeria we are disappointed by the way they're treating Harambee. Next time they come here, come with your own airport to land

@dinobilal: #SomeoneTellNigeria we shall suspend the viewing of their movies if they fail to attend to our players appropriately

@Davynition: #SomeonetellNigeria we thought they were OGAnised. Harambee Stars Deserve better

@_gweth: #SomeoneTellNigeria We need an immediate apology, we are not a banana republic you will just intimidate.

@Superjohna07: #SOMEONETELLNIGERIA Our players don't drive themselves to clubs to beg for transfers on deadline day

@Elvice33: #someonetellnigeria Kenya isn’t the type of country u would like 2 pick a fight with especially on social media!

Like I said in my tweet earlier, via @Jololade: Kenyans think they can win Saturday's game against Nigeria via Twitter #someonetellnigeria.

And Nigerians Took To Twitter To Defend Their Mother land

The only pageant in Kenya is the Rib counting contest #someonetellkenya

#SomeoneTellKenya you know all our Nigerian stars, your TV stations show our movies, but we dont even know where you are on the map ‏@Nedunaija

#SomeoneTellKenya RT @hiteeobama: Benz 230 was just launched in Kenya last weekend

They said their President even took a pose with it @egbas

The last Kenyan who went on a diet, died instantly. They are already so skinny without skipping meals. #SomeoneTellKenya

@Ayourb Most handsome @DOlusegun: I still don't get why Prezzo isn't their president. Isn't he like the most popular guy in Kenya? @AbangMercy #someoneTellKenya

RT "@Osisiye: These Kenyans, barely out of the Stone age, and they throwing stones at us?" @omojuwa: #someoneTellKenya

Kenyans are actually more corrupt but they don't have as much money to steal :(" ‏@omojuwa #someoneTellKenya

when a journalist called Nigeria vs Kenya a rivalry, he got sacked for blasphemy. This is a mismatch ‏@omojuwa

Tourists don't visit Kenya for anything but the animals (wildlife) | Tourists come to Nigeria to see money #someoneTellKenya

@bubusn: #SomeoneTellKenya What do Mommoh, Dangote and Jim Ovia have in common? More jets than Kenya's national carrier."

#SomeoneTellKenya "@its_lilhits: There is Nothing like 6packs in Kenya..its called 6Ribs!!!☹"

@Air4sir: #SomeoneTellKenya They cant twitfight 160M people wt just 1 laptop!lol!

#SomeoneTellKenya RT @WaZo_Bia: Someone said Fatjoe visited Kenya, and left as Joe.☹"



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