Kano Blast: It Was A Brief Life In Hell – Hamisu Usman

Kano Blast: It Was A Brief Life In Hell – Hamisu Usman

Survivors of last Monday Motor park bombing in Kano have continued to recount their ordeal from their hospital beds.

Hamisu Musa, a middle aged man from KanoState lived and worked under an Igbo man he identified as “Oga Emma” and was in Kano two days earlier to honour an official meeting with his boss concerning the business in the garden city.

Hamisu Usman, having two wives and six children was due to travel that fateful day on Kano –Port Harcourt bound luxury bus having concluded the business that brought him to Kano.

The middle age apprentice told Saturday Vanguard: “I was mentally prepared for the journey and was right inside the motor park waiting anxiously to be checked in when all of a sudden a deafening sound of a blast sent me sprawling on the ground.

Usman added, “I was enveloped by fire and was looking for help from those who unfortunately shared in that tragedy but it was a day every body who found themselves within the zone of hell was on their own.

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All you could hear was wailing that did little to assist our plight as the fire raged and ravaged the human souls whose fault was going to a Government designated motor park to access public transport .

In tears, Hamisu Usman who suffered second degree burn within the upper region of his body declared that “it was a temporary life in hell and this has certainly reinforced my belief in only one God and thereafter”.

Hamisu Usman showing steady recovery from his sick bed explained that, “it still remain a mystery to me how I survived the inferno, for I had gave up life when suddenly I woke upinto the hands of caring medical personnel who assured me that I am back from the land of the dead”

The middle age apprentice commended those who conducted the rescue operation for a wonderful job, adding that “Allah used them to save lives of those who still have days ahead in this sinful world”.

Of course Hamisu was not alone in the temporary life at the hell, another lucky survivor, Malam Muhammad Sani, a 51 years old man whose nose was ripped opened by the blast still lie critically ill in his hospital bed.

Malam Muhammad Sani could hardly recalled anything from the blast but was always quaick at pointing at his nose that has been split by the blast. “Look at my nose, I am having a terrible headache and I will so much appreciate if Doctor can take it off to allow me have my peace”

“I don’t know what happened, I don’t know why they brought me here, I don’t know what you are talking about and what it is your business with my family whether they are here or not:, look at my nose, help me plead with them to do something”, Sani pleaded.

The old man who appears to have lost his mental balance as he now speaks incoherently perhaps due to the intensity of the blast. But one thing is obvious, Malam Mamman is sick and the team of medical personnel told: “All will be well with him. He is suffering from trauma, and our experts have already conducted series of test and as soon as we notice some level of stability he will ok for procedure to fix the nose”.

Source: Naija.ng

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