TUC Wants Jonathan To Dialogue With Boko Haram

TUC Wants Jonathan To Dialogue With Boko Haram

Against backdrop of the recent bombings at a motor park in Kano in which over 60 people lost their lives and weekend’s killing of 28 people in different locations in the Northern part of the country, President of the Trade Union Congress (TUC), Comrade Peter Esele has called on President Goodluck Jonathan to employ the carrot and stick approach as well as build an international network to solve the state of insecurity in the country.

Besides, the TUC President wants the President to ensure that he carries out the result of his consultations with Nigerians on his vow to remove the subsidy on petrol, saying that from all indications, Nigerians were already saying no to subsidy removal.

Fielding questions from newsmen in Benin weekend shortly after receiving the African Role Model Award TV Show from African Child Foundation, Esele said, “I also think the carrot and stick approach will work.

I believe that the government should also reach out to these people although the President had said that they are ghosts. But I think that there are people that can track ghosts and make them be aware of what is happening”

“The buck stopped at his table. The President must do everything possible to bring this under control. If he doesn’t that will not speak well of his presidency; he must find a way and if need be, he must find a ghost tracker and find a way to get these guys to come to the table and lets us talk”

Insisting that TUC was not against granting amnesty to anybody, he noted that what the President meant that it will not grant amnesty or dialogue with ghosts was that the government have not seen the partners to dialogue with, adding that, “ if granting amnesty to Boko- Haram will bring peace to the country, it should go for it. Anything that will bring peace at the moment, we should go for it”

“And our security operatives should wake up to the challenges and their responsibilities. And that includes you and I. Policing is not only about those that are wearing the uniform; it is about you and I, knowing those who are in our communities, what they do and what they stands for and also report to the appropriate security agencies. Policing also means that you play your role. I also play my role before our case gets out of hand. Right now, our situation is really getting out of hand”

Esele also advised the Federal government to build international network to counter the insurgency by the Boko-Haram Islamic sect since Qaeda were alleged said to have been involved in their operations.

Commenting on the planned removal of fuel subsidy by the Federal government, Comrade Esele said, “The President said that he was consulting, that he was only going to remove fuel subsidy after his consultations with Nigerians. I hope that the consultation is not going to be a monologue but with the way the consultation is going, I think the feelers are already showing that Nigerians are already saying no to removal of subsidy”

“What I will advise the President is that after he has finished his consultation, if the answer is no, he should also ensure that he carries out the end result of the consultation”.

Asked if he was bordered by a statement credited to the Information Minister, Mr. Labaran Maku that neither criticism or public antagonism will stop the removal of fuel subsidy he said, “you and I know how garrulous Maku is .

Maku was not elected, the person that was elected by Nigerians is the President; so, if we are going to take anybody serious, it is the President of Nigeria”.

“The president is consulting and if he gets an emphatic no and decided to go ahead, then what ever happens is his own business”

Source: Naija.ng

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