Anyone Who Has Sex With My Husband Will Contract HIV- Woman Warns

Anyone Who Has Sex With My Husband Will Contract HIV- Woman Warns

A woman has warned other women 'of loose morals' against having sex with with her 'husband' as they face the risk of being infected with HIV.

The woman, Hazel Moyo (40), issued the stern warning after allegedly catching her 'husband' Vusa Mlalazi (40) in a sexual act with a 22-year-old woman who happens to be their neighbour's daughter. The alleged sex adventure was discovered by Moyo in the early hours of Monday after her son had hinted that he spotted Mlalazi buying beef for the young woman in the afternoon.

However, Mlalazi dismissed the claims of being caught pants down and 'HIV infection' by the woman. Though the couple's relationship was never formalised before each other's families, Moyo said they have been roomies for the past 6 years. Moyo said she has been having problems with Mlalazi and as a result they had resolved that he moves out to his parents' house in Magwegwe while they sort out their differences.

"On Sunday, he had promised to visit us but he never pitched up. Then, at night we were watching Thokozani Langa's DVD Ngenendlini and I passed a comment to the effect that the message was reminiscent of the problems bedeviling my relationship with Mlalazi. While at it, my son said he had seen Mlalazi buying beef for the girl and I felt urged to go and look for him," she said.

Moyo added: "I headed straight to her place. When I got there I listened to the voices and heard Mlalazi talking. I then altered the tone of my voice pretending to be someone else, but my husband was quick to say 'Ah it's Hazel'. At that moment I shattered the window and the man was still sweating it out."

It is alleged that Mlalazi then bolted out of the house spotting a red T-shirt only to appear at Moyo's place two hours later donning a white T-shirt.

"I guess he changed the shirt to make me look stupid," she said.

The matter spilled to the police after talent reported Moyo for malicious damage of her property. The case was treated as a civil case.

The community relations officer as Western Commonage ordered Moyo to replace the window. In a fit of anger, fuelled by the fact that a neighbour's daughter had tasted the sweetness of her 'joystick', Moyo is said to have warned her to watch out against HIV infection. Asked if she was willing to have her status publicised, Moyo said:

"You can publish with all my blessings. Talent should pray that she didn't contract the virus. She is still young to be bedded by older men like my husband who have seen it all. I do not have any stress with my condition. My children are all grown up. I have seen them grow but she has a child to raise."

Talent could neither confirm nor deny the claims. Pressed to give a comment, she said:

"Go to those who told you those who told you, they will explain in detail."

When reached for comment, Mlalazi denied being the woman's husband.

"She is mad. I am not her husband though I cannot deny that I know her. There is nothing like that," he said.


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