KANO BOMB ATTACK: What Will Ndi Igbo Do?

KANO BOMB ATTACK: What Will Ndi Igbo Do?

Asking for Amnesty for mass murderers because that was done to Niger Deltans is so  unreasonable that those who ask for this are part of why Nigeria is the way it is! If the food , grains and cattle which we get from the north has become a big issue, let them keep their things, while we keep the oil!

KANO BOMB ATTACK: What Will Ndi Igbo Do?

This is so, because the killing of Igbo people in the north MUST STOP NOW.

There is no adult who does not know how to be mischievous, all he needs do, is to spoil anything that others claim is good! If these northern politicians are tired of Nigeria, they can leave and go peacefully!

It will be foolishly naive, and an unfortunate miscalculation for any northerner to think that Ndi igbo cannot fight back; or to think that with money, once money is involved, Ndi Igbo will and can only bark! That may be true even as I write this piece. But, Change is one thing that is permanent in life, and Ndi Igbo may wake up one day, and just change! Who knows, the challenge of Boko Haram may bring about this change.

Igbos have these options now:

1.They may Stay put in the north, especially in Kano, and Jos, get killed shamelessly, in arrant madness, and without reasons, get good and sympathy comments from the people in power, and continue to wait until 1966 genocide starts and happens again. Reports will then be compiled, the UN, and other agencies will speak, in the meantime, the dead will bury the dead ! Who will do the burying and weeping? Ndi igbo! Or;

2.They may Sit down and regroup, and ensure that when next they are attacked and struck like this, that they teach the assailants a lesson they will tell the story for generations to come. A thoughtless or wicked look at this option would say it is encouraging tit for tat, but self-defense, is a Human Right, that cannot be alienated even in the northern Nigeria. Ndi Igbo in the north must be prepared for self-defense, against Boko Haram attacks. Or;

How many of them have built mansions, or plazas in your own South Eastern states ? Why can’t we read ‘the body language’ of the core northern politicians? If Ndi Igbo will accept the truth and Leave the north for the northerners today, in the next six years they will forget them completely, and move on with their lives with the dignity they genuinely deserve as a people and the true believers in one Nigeria.

His Excellency the Governor of Kano Sate has said it in all honesty that “ rather than get killed like this, let Ndi Igbo leave the State” But Ndi igbo cannot just leave like that because money is involved, the economies of families will collapse completely if they left without a carefully thought out plan, Therefore;

4.The South Eastern Governors must create a fund to rehabilitate Ndi Igbo fleeing from persecution, religious and ethnic violence and cleansing in the north. There must be plans to Resettle these people and give them a good sense of belonging.

After all, they are Ndi Igbo, they are not ordinary, their blood is highly priced, because it has been bought and paid for by the blood of Jesus. Such blood cannot be spilled by unbelievers in this degrading manner. We must install arrangements to preserve the lives of Ndi Igbo wherever they may be. They are special, and must be treated as such by those God has chosen to lead them.

Each State Governor should therefore ensure that his indigenes fleeing untimely death in the north are received, secured, settled and rehabilitated for good. These Excellences must together come up with methods and ways to engage this evil nonsense called Boko Haram constructively, and teach them that killing the Igbo man will only destroy their land in the north, ultimately. This is the challenge for our Governors, and they can do it! And;

5.The South East, must place a demand on the FGN, to stop all this useless, pedestrian, non-helpful, beggarly comments whenever they kill our people, and Our Governors  must insist on actions from FGN, that will secure Ndi igbo, while they plan and relocate.

If Boko  Haram is ready to kill, and maim even their own Kings and Emirs, who then is an Igbo man to them? The Igbo man is not worth a worm before their blood thirsty eyes! So vacate their lands at all cost. Affliction, the Bible declares, shall not arise a second time. Don’t be a fool, don’t let them kill you again like this !

You can do without living in the north, you surely can! Come to the South East, South West, South South of Nigeria, where people have respect and value for life! LEAVE THE NORTH ALONE FOR NOW! Come home to where you will not be bombed!

The Bible declares in the Book of Hosea,that “Ephraim has joined himself to Idols, leave him alone” It is surely better to have ten Naira in the South East with your peace, and dignity intact, than to have N1000, and get bombed every day, in Kano, or Jos ! Why should you die like fools?

In the Book of 2nd Samuel, Chapter 3, verse 33, Kind David while lamenting the killing of one of his warriors, by another of his loyal war commander cried “ Should Abner die as a fool dies? Should Ndi Igbo die as fools die? Let them run into safety today and don’t die as fools die! Let them go and develop the International market at Oba in Anambra State.

Source: Naija.ng

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