I Drink Blood At Accident Scenes And Eat Human Flesh - Self-Confessed Satanist

I Drink Blood At Accident Scenes And Eat Human Flesh - Self-Confessed Satanist

In a spine-chilling confession, a man last week revealed that he drinks human blood and eats human flesh. He further claimed that he dreams of snakes mingling and coiling around his body every night.

The troubled man, Tawanda Chinyani (30), a villager from Makumbe area in Domboshava, said the blood-curdling development began after he visited a church based in Harare city centre (name supplied) where he had gone to seek spiritual help. Tawanda claimed to be a Satanist though he said it was not his intention. He maintained that he joined the 'cult' after visiting a Harare-based church.

Tawanda said he has come out of the closet so that he could be helped. Meanwhile, our news crew went to Domboshava to have an interview with the 30-year-old self-confessed Satanist. Our reporters took to their heels after a huge snake mysteriously pounced from nowhere. The snake slithered out of the kitchen while our reporters were interviewing Tawanda.

However, after gaining enough courage, our ever-brave news crew managed to kill the snake as Tawanda's family members had all vanished away for dear life. First to escape was our photographer who ran as fast as he could and only stopped in the maize field, leaving the camera and everyone else behind, destroying several maize crops in the process.  The picture above shows Tawanda holding the dead snake.

Tawanda, who lives at the homestead with his wife Erita Karipo (29), said his problem began last year after he approached a church in Harare for prayers.

"I can not deny that I'm a Satanist. I got this (Satanic spirit) from a church situated in Harare city centre where I had gone to seek prayers. I went to Harare with my wife to buy her kitchen property before I later got sick," he said.

Tawanda claimed that after getting sick he met two women who were clad in white apostolic sect regalia who invited him and his wife to the church in question. He said when he got to the church, there were two women who were standing by the entrance who greeted him before taking him into the church where he received prayers from other church members consisting of both men and women. Tawanda said during the prayer, a demon manifested but was immediately rebuked.

"We later left the church and I was given US$5 as bus fare since they had asked my wife and I to call again next time we would come to church. Upon our way to Fourth Street Rank, I started experiencing walking problems. It took me 20 minutes to just cross Julius Nyerere Way only. I was then feeling dizzy and weak," he said.

Tawanda said the following day he went to church alone since his wife refused to return to accompany him. He said this was because he had been given some juice to drink at the church which looked like wine and bread which was cut into three pieces. He said he was also given a church calender and an envelope which he was advised to keep money all the time.

"They said I should keep one piece of the bread that they gave me in the pocket of my trousers then wash the trousers without removing the bread until it disappears. The other piece of bread was supposed to be kept in the envelope that they gave me which had the name of the church inscribed on it. The third piece was supposed to be kept together with my academic certificates. I precisely followed all this until this problem developed on 7 October last year," he said.

It is alleged that on the first day Tawanda and his wife visited the church at the centre of controversy, their clothes, including the woman's blouse and their child's clothes were dipped in water as the church authorities claimed the 'ritual' would bring luck to their lives.

"From that day I have always been dreaming of large snakes coiling around my body. I experience breathing difficulties whenever I start having these dreams. At times these snakes can talk though I will not understand what they will be saying. I have never seen these snakes and there are no such snakes in Zimbabwe," he said.

"At times I dream of accidents that take place throughout the country. When I visit the accident scene, I start sucking blood. I start acting like a snake at all accident scenes. I slither on my belly just like a snake and I also raise my head the way snakes do. I was also told to dry human flesh of accident victims before eating it," he added.

The man said he tried to dump the envelope and the bread outside his house, but on the following day he mysteriously found the envelope back in the house. He also said he took the 'things' back to the church but they refused to accept them. They reportedly told him that all will be well eventually.

Source: Naija.ng

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