Mystery Cow Delivers Quadruplets In Jigawa

Mystery Cow Delivers Quadruplets In Jigawa

A five year-old cow has given birth to quadruplets in a mysterious circumstance in Dutse, Jigawa.

The delivery of the quadruplets came barely 12 months after the same cow gave birth to twin calves.

The delivery, which is extraordinary in the gestation circle of cattle, occurred some few days ago at Disina village in Dutse Local Government of the state.

The development had called for celebration among the inhabitants of Disina settlement, who viewed the quadruplets as a sign of good omen to the community.

Also reports that hundreds of people were now trooping to the village to see the quadruplets.

Ardo Nasiru Saleh, a herdsman, said  that there was no record of a cow giving birth to more than two calves in the community.

Saleh, who expressed joy over the development, said the delivery of quadruplets by his cow was a blessing from God.

“This is extraordinary because a cow normally delivers one calf after nine months pregnancy, but it is amazing for a cow to have quadruplets at one delivery.

“One out of the four calves, one died few hours later, but the remaining three are in good health condition.

“It is not a taboo but I see it as a gift from God,” Nasiru said, adding that he had organised a reception as a show of appreciation to welcome the quadruplets into his family.

He explained that there were no signs of serious complication during the cow’s gestation period, a situation which stimulated safe delivery of the quadruplets, without medical assistance.

Also commenting, Dr Rabiu Miko, the Director, Department of Veterinary Services in the Ministry of Agriculture, described the situation as unprecedented in the history of livestock production in Jigawa State.

In veterinary medical parlance, he said, studies have established that a cow delivers once in a year.

Miko attributed the delivery of the quadruplets to genetic traits of the cow in view of its previous record of giving birth to twins.

“This is not common in veterinary field but it could be related to the genetic history of the cow,” he said, adding that the department would study the situation.

The director said that the department would also provide routine veterinary medication and advice to improve the health condition of the calves. (NAN)


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