Impunity, not Corruption is Nigeria`s Biggest Problem

Impunity, not Corruption is Nigeria`s Biggest Problem

The Central Bank Governor Lamido Sanusi says culture

of impunity, much more than corruption, has hampered Nigeria`s

development and promoted poverty.

Impunity, not Corruption is Nigeria`s Biggest Problem

Tinubu Colloquium in Lagos on Thursday, said the unpreparedness of the country

to sanction corrupt persons had ensured the emasculation of the system.

Sanusi, who spoke at the 5 Bola

that corruption was a universal problem, but added that other countries were

able to attain development because they had adequate punitive structures in


He noted

the 61 birthday of Tinubu was “Beyond Mergers: A

National Movement for Change”.

The theme of the colloquium, organised to mark

him, corruption is a big issue in the country today as in other parts of the

world like Russia, China and others; but why are they eradicating poverty and

Nigeria isn’t?

According to

just corruption. It is the kind of failed interventions that are procured with

the proceeds of corruption.

“It is not

agree that corruption is bad. It has economic cost. You take a bribe and pay

subsidy to someone who hasn’t delivered the required goods. That is

corruption,” he added.


that in Nigeria people collected money for contracts and they wouldn’t fulfil

their own parts and nothing was done about it.

Sanusi said

destroying this country is that people are corrupt and nothing is done about

it,” he said.

“What is

although the country had achieved certain macro-economic improvements, poverty

was still high because certain fundamentals such as infrastructure were not

still in place.

He said

him as soon as those fundamentals are put in place Nigerians will begin to

benefit from this macro-economic stability.

According to

younger generation of Nigerians to begin to position themselves for

leadership, saying the youths had a big role to play in the future

development of the country.

He urged the

the problem of pervasive insecurity in the country could be solved if the

Federal Government offered the olive branch to extremists in form of amnesty.

Tinubu said

said since it was successfully used to douse tension in the Niger Delta,

it could also solve the Boko Haram issue if well implemented.


Babatunde Fashola of Lagos State also said it was time for the youths

to begin to initiate and pursue efforts geared at repositioning the



the destiny of Nigeria was in the hands of the youths, expressing the hope that

sooner than later the youths would dominate the leadership of the country.

Fashola said

see hope and the hope is perhaps born today. I believe that very soon youths

will take over the mantle of leadership in the country,” Fashola said.

“Today, I

Ibikunle Amosun (Ogun), Adams Oshiomhole (Edo) and Kayode Fayemi

(Ekiti), were among notable Nigerians that attended the colloquium.


eminent personalities were Sen. Sani Yerima, Chief Tom Ikimi and ACN National

leader, Chief Bisi Akande.



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