Death: The Booming Business

Death: The Booming Business

In these

parts, death is taken as seriously as life;sometime even more so. Indeed, in

Africa the style in which you bury your dead especially one’s parents is a

measure of your stature as a man or woman of means, and is a testament to how

well (or not) the dead have raised their children. It’s a paradox.

Death: The Booming Business

incidents told of how some individuals die in penury,completely ignored and

neglected by relatives, only to be given a statesman’s burial! What is the

point I say? Was the burial truly in honour of that person, or was it just

another multi-million ego massaging event designed to ‘boost’ the social

standing of the living?Perhaps that’s why people are not taking chances and are

taking care of the business of the ‘here after’ personally.

There are

unheard of for one to purchase one’s final resting place while one is still

living. Indeed, the death is big business.

It is not

across a story in which it was reported that in Ghana, people are snapping up

tombs like hot cakes. And not just in private cemeteries and vaults but also in

public burial spaces. Ghana, it is reported, boasts of very well preserved

public burial sites so the rich elite didn’t see anything wrong in burying

their dead there —unlike here, where our rich bourgeois engineer do anything to

maintain that strict divide between rich and poor.

I came

this story particularly interesting for me was how it went on to say that not

only were these tomb spaces going really fast but that people were actually

accessing loans offered by banks in Ghana who have devised ‘special loan

packages’ for the funding of funerals. Wow!

What made

to finance the business of living as opposed the business of dying. No be who don chop belle full, change remain na imdey think of

buying sleeping space for eternity. I strongly believe that if

you have to borrow money to buy a burial spot then you are not yet ready for


I would have thought that a loan was better acquired

pay as you go and you start paying it from when you are in your 20s then that’s

a plan. Then what happened to the practice of giving our children the privilege

(?) of burying us?

Unless its

inferring that we are raising children that we do not trust to do right by us?

Or is the loan meant to ease their burden? What if the one who acquired the

loan dies before offsetting it, who carries the can?

Are we

it is to me though, you have to admit that it is a brilliant business plan.

Recognise the aspirational desires of a people, provide the service, and what’s

more provide the means to avail yourself of that service… brilliant! I have no

concrete proof but I’m willing to bet good money that it was a Nigerian!

As absurd as


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