I Have Been Bullied By Other Nollywood Celebrities – Halima Abubakar

I Have Been Bullied By Other Nollywood Celebrities – Halima Abubakar

Halima Abububakar, in this touching interview opens up on her love life, business, upbringing and many other issues.

So what are the current projects taking your time?

I have been shooting movies in Owerri and Awka but I have not been to any location in Asaba this year. I have been to Enugu three times and now I am shooting in Lagos. I am doing a documentary about bullying. You can call it my pet project. It won’t be more than 40 minutes because we don’t intend to waste anyone’s time.

Of all charitable causes, why bullying?

Because I have been bullied for most part of my childhood and adolescent years. I want to focus on this because a lot of people are scared to speak-up maybe because of threats. I am inspired by things that has happened to me in my life to put them in writing and pictures. It is just a subject that I like. We don’t always have to do romance all the time. And whether we admit it or not, bullying is one of the reasons so many people do what they are not supposed to do.

Bullying must have been a traumatic experience for you to decide to make a movie out of it. Could you share some of the experience with us?

Oh yes! While I was in primary and secondary schools and all the way to my career in Nollywood, most of my friends have exploited my being quiet in a very disrespectful manner. I have been through this from fellow actors especially the female ones. When I look back, I can’t fathom what I have put up with in the name of friendships. But seriously shame on them for making another human being like them feel worthless.

I am surprised that you are bringing up something that happens among celebrities, which many don’t like to admit?

I have no fear about saying this, will they come and beat me for this? I am sure some of them will think that I am mentioning names but I am not here to do that. I am sure when they see the movie I am doing now, everybody will know their characters. People will never come out and say this but when I come out to talk, they would say whatever. Bullying can come in different forms.

Can you tell us what kind of bullying exists among celebrities?

For instance, some people just don’t think that you belong to their clique or class. Once a friend invited me to be a member of celebrity group on Blackberry Messenger and I accepted. Not long after, my friend told me that a certain star just queried my invitation to the group because I am a friend with people they are not friends with.

But has this kind of rivalry ever degenerated to physical assault?

Yes once or twice, it got physical with people whom I call friends. You know, I just got tired of the shouting matches and the disrespect. I realized that such friendship is not adding anything positive to my life and they are not feeding me. In fact, one of those actresses told me that I have been in this industry for long enough and that I should try to find something else because obviously acting is not working for me. You can imagine an actress say these to my face and we are on the same set. Everybody’s destiny can never be the same.

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