Boko Haram Ideology Teacher Interviewed

Boko Haram Ideology Teacher Interviewed

BBC interviewed several people physically and emotionally hurt by Boko Haram insurgents carrying out their deadly operation in Nigeria's North-East, and spoke exclusively with the sect ideology teacher.

The talks provide insight on how the dreaded sect is organized and how it operates.

The first victim, the survivor of two attacks, narrated his dire experience saying that his left hand had been cut off by a cutlass.

"They came like hunters, hiding behind the bushes. There were about forty of them. One of them told me: 'You are finished!' and he cut off my hand. Then he stood up, flipped backwards and shot in the air."

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Another woman, who had spent 2 months in Boko Haram captivity, disclosed that she delivered a baby after having been abducted. The militants wanted to force people into Islam, however intimidation did not always work.

"We refused to convert. And young men took as. They were going to kill us. But the elders intervened. "

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The woman however managed to escape to the camp for the displaced with her baby.

In the second half of the coverage the journalists interviews the teacher of the sect radical ideology who he met in July and who agreed to speak under the condition of anonymity and to explain the militants' concepts.

"There are so many ideas in Western education [Boko Haram is translated as "Western education is forbidden" -] that are against Islam. That is why I joined them. I want to die in that ideology. Allah says, "fight those who are fighting you". Muslim or non-Muslim. If you are an enemy we'll come and attack."

See the full video below:

It would be recalled that Boko Haram insurgents have killed and displaced thousands of Nigerians from the North-East. Despite the fact that the militants meet strong resistance from the military, the attacks continue.

There are allegations that the sect is sponsored by some political groups. As tension ahead of the 2015 general elections rises, the mutual accusations are being fired with enhanced intensity.


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