Seven Signs She's Not That Into You

Seven Signs She's Not That Into You

Sometimes it can be torture to see a woman week in and week out that you’re trying to take things to the next level with, but don’t know whether or not to cross that line, let’s put you out of your misery, shall we?

Seven Signs She's Not That Into You












1.She’s talking up a friend

If a woman is telling you how wonderful, how gorgeous and how funny her friend is, she’s not into you. Let it be known, if a woman is ever trying to set you up with somebody else, she has firmly made the decision that she does not and cannot see you as more than a friend.

2.You always hang out in a group

If a woman is interested in you as more than just a friend, she’ll eventually try to get you alone. But if a woman consistently only invites you out in a group, or even worse invites friends along when you try to get her alone, she is trying to avoid any situation in which you could make a move.

3. She laughs at your compliments

If you make comments about how gorgeous she is, or how amazing she is, and she just gives you a sarcastic laugh and changes the topic it's because a compliment is an opportunity for a connection. Women are fully aware of the damage that could be done if a guy they aren’t into compliments them, and they don’t allow that “moment”  to happen. She’s not laughing and turning away every single time on accident.

4. She hesitates when you try to make plans

If a woman is not into you, she’ll hesitate when you ask her out. You’ll hear a lot of, “Oh…” and “UM…” and “Let’s see, Thursday you said?” before she answers. That gives her time to think up an excuse, or to ask herself, “Do I want to hang out with this guy?” and the moment a woman is asking herself that, it’s because she doesn’t.

5. She never texts

A woman who just sees you as a friend will probably only text to make plans. If your phone is dead silent, she’s not into you. Also, if you reach out to her and she is too short and straight to the point in her responses, she’s not into you.

6. She talks about other guys

Sometimes women do this to make a guy jealous when they’re actually interested in him. When that’s the case, they’ll do it in a joking manner. But, never will a woman start seriously talking about her date with someone else, or gloating about someone else, in front of a guy she is into. If she’s talking about a guy in front of you, you’ve been friends zoned. Think about it: girls talk about guys with their girlfriends.

7. She never dresses up for you

Pay close attention to what a woman wears around you. If a woman genuinely does not give a damn how she looks in front of you, she is not into you. Even when a woman is trying to go casual in front of a guy she likes, she at least makes it cute by doing her makeup and putting her hair together. So, is your love interest just pretending to be casual? Or is she a straight up mess in front of you?




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